How to Fix VALORANT ‘There Was an Error Connecting to the Platform’

Not all platforms are stable enough to walk on.

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It’s the modern menace to our society. You just want to jump online and have a few rounds of your favorite game, only to be stricken with a most displeasing error message. How can you make a valiant effort to succeed, if you can’t even make a VALORANT effort? Fear not, intrepid presser of buttons, for we have the solutions you need to fix VALORANT ‘there was an error connecting to the platform’.

Troubleshooting VALORANT ‘There Was an Error Connecting to the Platform’ (Error Code 43)

The problem at hand is that there is some kind of connectivity failure, either on your end or on the server side. Your first clue is actually within the error message itself, as the next sentence instructs you to restart your game client. This should of course be your first port of call, and will rectify the majority of issues.

Exit the Valorant server, and double check your Task Manager or equivalent program to ensure that the Riot program is not still running. It will have a file name akin to ‘Riot Client’, and be identifiable by the red fist logo.

An added benefit to this is that, upon relaunching the program, it will automatically check to see if there are any uninstalled updates. As you may anticipate, online games of this nature require the most up-to-date software. If you decline any updates, either unintentionally or out of spite, follow the above process to re-trigger the prompt to do so.

Failing this, it’s time to ascertain whether there is some kind of connection issue. Riot Games Support is the best source, directly from the horse’s mouth, advising of any known issues or planned maintenance. As of the time of writing, there are no active fault messages.

Riot Games also offers an official server status website, which currently has no issues or events to report. Should you be seeking a more user-driven source, Down Detector is an excellent alternative. It recently indicated spikes in login issues, though these appear to have reduced in quantity within the last few hours.

With all of these alternatives exhausted, it’s worth checking if there is a hardware fault happening on your end. Google offers a safe Internet speed test which can be accessed by simply Googling that exact phrase (Internet speed test). Connection issues can sometimes be rectified by restarting your modem or computer.

All going well, you should now have alleviated the VALORANT ‘there was an error connecting to the platform’ issue. If not, give it five or ten minutes before repeating the above steps, and keep your eyes on the support pages supplied above to see if there are newfound errors popping up. Happy hunting!

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