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How To Fix MW2 Matchmaking Not Working

Having trouble finding a match in MW2? Here's a few potential solutions for your error.

Much like any multiplayer title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is subject to many problems. One of the most common errors is trouble finding a match in the online setting. If you’ve found yourself in the midst of this problem, here are a few solutions as we explain how to fix MW2 matchmaking not working.

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Fixes for MW2 Matchmaking

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Below. you’ll find a few different solutions to your troubles. One of the primary things I want to stress is that around the start of a new season or a huge update, you may find yourself in this predicament. Be sure to keep up to date with the CoD Down Detector to discover if it’s a problem impacting more than yourself.

  • Restart your game and check for updates.
    • The most common solution and advice we can give is to close the game and check for updates. As mentioned, errors usually occur around huge content drops as players are flooding the servers or if you’re trying to play a newer version of the game on an older version.
  • Restart your internet source.
    • If the problem persists outside of the game and updates, your next step should be to restart your internet source.
  • Contact Activision support.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix MW2 matchmaking not working. Below, you’ll find plenty of related tips and troubleshooting tricks to assist you, and if you don’t find your specific issues, let us know so we find a solution together. Check out everything new in Season one, how to install Warzone 2 or all the new changes coming to Warzone 2.

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