How To Fix GTA Online Not Connecting – Common Issues & Fixes

Here's everything you need to know about the common issues and fixes for the GTA Online not connecting error.

For a dedicated fan of GTA Online, there are few things worse than not being able to jump into the world that they have likely spent hundreds (or thousands) of hours into. Planned maintenance is one thing, but when a message appears that you can’t connect and there’s no word on what the issue is, then the situation can get a bit tense. Here’s everything you need to know about the common fixes and issues associated with the GTA Online not connecting error.

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Common Issues & Fixes For GTA Online Not Connecting Error

GTA Online has been running strong since 2013 and it has many users, so it’s pretty serious if there’s something wrong. First, we’ll take a look at the common issues that cause this error to appear.

GTA Online Not Connecting Issues

There are issues here and there that can cause this error but they’re usually patched up fairly quickly. Down below is every current known cause of the GTA Online not connecting error.

Patch 1.42 on PS4

Thanks to Dexerto, we know right now, that the main issue causing this error appears to be the 1.42 patch that launched in May 2022. Some players have also reported that they can’t even get to the GTA Online not connecting error. The game just refuses to launch altogether.

It’s important to note that every player so far who has reported this issue following the installation of patch 1.42 is getting the problem come up while trying to launch the game on PS4.

And as it’s detailed on Dextero, “they’re unable to connect to Rockstar services at all, which rules out the infinite loading screen glitch as the culprit.”

GTA Online Not Connecting Fixes

Down below we have a list of fixes for the GTA Online not connecting error. Not every error currently has a fix that will be applicable to all players running into this problem.

Play on Another Platform

If the platform you’re currently playing on is having this issue, it’s at least worth checking out another console or PC to see if it’s unable to connect as well. That might indicate a larger issue with Rockstar’s systems. Of course, this isn’t feasible for many players.

Turn it Off and Back On Again

This troubleshooting method is kind of a running joke at this point, but in reality, it works for many issues on multiple devices. Actually turning off the device of choice isn’t necessary in this case though. Just make sure to fully close the game, no part of it can be running in the background. Then go ahead and try relaunching.

Some players have had luck using this method while others are still stuck, locked out of San Andreas. It’s certainly not a cure-all, but this workaround is at least something to try if all other options have been exhausted.

If none of these work out, then it looks like the last hope is that Rockstar Games will release an update in the near future to resolve the problem. That’s all we currently know about the common issues and fixes associated with the GTA Online not connecting error.

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