how to fix the stuck on signing in error in Destiny 2.

How to Fix Being Stuck at Destiny 2 Sign In

Stuck on Signing in is one of Destiny 2's error messages a player gets when trying to log into the game. Here's how to fix it.

“Stuck on Signing in” is one of Destiny 2’s error messages a player gets when trying to log into the game. Despite Bungie constantly releasing new updates and patches, Destiny 2 isn’t a bug or error-free game. Live service games constantly run into server-side issues and Bungie’s free-to-play online shooter is no exception. 

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How to Fix Being Stuck at Destiny 2 Sign In

Since this is a server-side error, there’s not much one can do about it; however, there are a couple of things that you can employ to help you sign into the game. Probably the best and the recommended solution to fix the stuck signing in error in Destiny 2 is to wait until the developers come up with a fix for the server-side issue. 

There’s very little one can do other than check Bungie’s official pages for updates as it could help you with understanding whether the problem is actually with your game or the game’s servers. You can also check Destiny 2’s server status to see what’s going on.

There are two ways one can do this. The first is to simply visit the Bungie Help Twitter account for any new update shared by the developers and wait until the Destiny 2 development team has fixed the issue before logging into the game.

The second way is by checking DownDetector to see if other players are also facing the same issues. Apart from that, ensure that your internet connection is working all fine and that there are no problems with your network provider. You can try turning the router on and off or rebooting your PC to see if it does anything.

And that’s all about how to fix the “Stuck on Signing in” in Destiny 2.  For more tips and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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