How to Find the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

A key moment of Shadowheart's story.

How to Find the Nightsong in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)
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The Nightsong is an important part of Shadowheart’s storyline, so it should be expected that you won’t just stumble upon her. Instead, tracking her down will likely span a good bit of your time in Act Two, but you should still be aware of her location so you don’t accidentally go too far. There’s not too much of a worry, though, as there is only one place to find her.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Nightsong Location

Note: it is vitally important to have Shadowheart with you as one of your companions.

Verge of the Shadows

Going through the Grand Mausoleum and undertaking all of the tasks in the Gauntlet of Shar will eventually lead you to the Verge of the Shadows.

Verge of the Shadows Location
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Fortunately, there is a fast travel gate nearby, so you can leave and come back to fix up any possible loose ends or unfinished quests. When you are ready, use the water that is labeled Shadowfell Entrance. When you first get close, you will hear a message from the Shar statue.

Shar Statue Message
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Instead of going down immediately, Shadowheart will kneel down and pray to the statue. If you want to maintain a positive relationship with her, do not try to listen in on her thoughts. Once she exists that prayer, she will be ready to move on. This time, using the water will actually transport you into Shadowfell. There will, of course, be one last warning.

Shadowfell Entrance Warning
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You’ll need to jump through this area until you reach the bottom when a cutscene plays with Balthazar speaking to the Nightsong.

Balthazar and The Nightsong
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Regardless of your good/evil alignment, a fight will break out when Balthazar. Once he is defeated, Shadowheart will be given the option to slay or spare the Nightsong, which is a massive turning point in her story, no matter which choice you make.

While the location of the Nightsong isn’t exactly missable, you will want to make it one of the last things you do. For more Baldur’s Gate 3 guides on important story moments, take a look over our links below.

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