How To Complete The Lost in the Sands quest in Genshin Impact

How To Complete the Lost in the Sands Quest in Genshin Impact

Explore the ruins of King Deshret in the Lost in the Sands quest of Genshin Impact.

The Golden Slumber quest of Genshin Impact Version 3.1 features several storylines with complex puzzles and hidden areas. So, to help with this mission, we’ll show you how to complete the Lost in the Sands narrative, which is the first part of this World Quest. Additionally, we’ll provide details about how to access certain locations and what you can do to eliminate new enemies of the game.

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Lost in the Sands Quest in Genshin Impact

When exploring the desert region of Genshin Impact, you can embark on an adventure with a few characters in the Golden Slumber quest. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you along your journey in the Lost in the Sands storyline:

  1. Talk to Bonifaz at Aaru Village.

    Beginning the Golden Slumber quest in Genshin Impact

  2. Follow the footprints.

    Starting The Lost in the Sands quest

  3. Go to the bottom of the pit.

    If you can’t locate the rest of the footprints that lead you to the pit, you can find the waypoint on the map here:The pit in The Lost in the Sands quest

  4. Talk to the three people with blue waypoints.

  5. Speak to the fourth person.

    After you talk to the three individuals, you can find the fourth person (Jeht) out in the distance to progress further in the Lost in the Sands quest of Genshin Impact.Talking to the fourth person in The Lost in the Sands quest

  6. Meet the other characters with Jeht.

  7. Go to the designated area with Tirzad and explore the ruins.

    During this time, you can unlock the Teleport Waypoint in this location.

  8. Clear out the sand pile with an Anemo user and activate the door mechanism.

    The sand pile will have a noticeable sparkle on top of it.Clearing the path in Genshin Impact

  9. Defeat the Primal Constructs.

    The Primal Constructs are one of the new enemies of Genshin Impact that have the power to turn invisible. To eliminate it, players can use an Electro catalyst to strike their cores and avoid their attacks that will show up as a target on the ground.

  10. Activate the door mechanism.

  11. Avoid the attacks of the defense mechanisms.

    There will be several structures that emit harmful attacks throughout the Lost in the Sands quest, so try to go behind them to stand clear of their radius.Avoiding the attacks of the defense devices in Genshin Impact

  12. Activate the elevator at the top-left corner of the following room.

    Exploring the ruins in The Lost in the Sands quest

  13. Utilize an Electro user against the Tri-Yana Seed.

    A flying creature will prohibit you from using a Pyro catalyst against one of the torches (it will be blue) in this location. Thus, players must attack the Tri-Yana Seed with an Electro user to get rid of the barrier.Using an Electro catalyst in Genshin Impact

  14. Use a Pyro catalyst to illuminate the torches.

    Solving the puzzle of Genshin Impact

  15. Activate the next door mechanism.

    You can also follow the Seelie in most areas to guide you to the correct places.

  16. Use the elevator and investigate the ‘strange machine.’

  17. Talk to Jebrael, Tirzad, and Jeht.

    Tirzad will give you Special Clearance to access blocked locations within Genshin Impact.

  18. Use the elevators to find an exit.

    While exploring the ruins in the Lost in the Sands quest, you’ll encounter puzzles that involve the Forged Primal Lights, which you’ll need to pick up to unlock doorways. All players need to do is place these blue-colored items on the nearby mechanisms and rotate them until they see a blue line.Puzzle in Genshin Impact

  19. Follow the Seelie to leave the ruins.

    Leaving the ruins of The Lost in the Sands quest

That does it for our guide on how to complete the Lost in the Sands quest in Genshin Impact. If you want more content about the game, you can explore the relevant links below and view our guides about the Dreams, Emptiness, Deception quest and how to get the Deepwood Memories Artifact Set.

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