How to Update Character Appearance in Splatoon 3

How to Change Character Appearance in Splatoon 3

Easily change your character's appearance in Splatoon 3 with this helpful guide.

Splatoon 3 is all about self-expression. Well, it’s really about inking the place up and making a mess, but your style definitely plays a huge factor in that process. If you are unhappy with how you customized your character’s look in the introduction of the game, here is your guide on how to change your character appearance in Splatoon 3.

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Changing your hair, eyebrows, and legwear is easy to do, all you need to know is how to navigate to the menu that allows you to make those changes. Here is how to quickly change your character appearance in Splatoon 3:

How to Change Character Appearance in Splatoon 3

  1. Enter the Gear Menu

    Press + on your controller to enter the Gear Menu. This is where you change weapons, outfits, and appearance.

  2. Navigate to Other

    Use your control stick or d-pad to head to the other section and click A to enter that menu.

  3. Go to Style

    Use the L or R buttons to flip to the Style tab in that menu.

  4. Update Your Style

    Scroll through the Hairstyle, Eyebrows, and Legwear options and click A to confirm changes.

None of the options are gender locked in Splatoon 3, so you can always change to any hairstyle in your given category. That means that if you went with an Inkling, you have access to every Inkling hairstyle, and if you went with an Octoling, you have access to every Octoling hairstyle. You can only pick the other styles if you change your character from an Inkling to an Octoling or an Octoling to an Inkling.

Additionally, changing your gear will not only update your character’s abilities but change its appearance through the power of clothing. You can see our guide on how to change your gear here and start customizing your character to look exactly how you want it to.

You can update your character any time you are outside of a battle but will be stuck with your look during battle, so be sure to make sure you change your style before you enter a Turf War or Anarchy Battle. That’s everything you need to know about how to change your character’s appearance in Splatoon 3.

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