Risk of Rain Returns How to Beat Providence

How to Beat Providence in Risk of Rain Returns

Take down the big bad at the heart of Risk of Rain Returns.

A good roguelike run can set things up nicely for the final encounter, and in Risk of Rain Returns, that will be the final fight against the boss which is Providence.

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Like the rest of the game, Providence has undergone some upgrades the last time we faced off against this boss. With new moves and classic abilities, this is a dangerous foe that is not to be taken lightly. As such, for those needing some help, here’s a guide on how to beat Providence in Risk of Rain Returns.

Preparation for Providence in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns All Keycards and How to Use Them
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Although this might be the concluding encounter that will bring you to the end of Risk of Rain Returns, the actual fight against Providence may feel easier than the whole run to get here in the first place. Since a heavy dose of RNG will determine your items and upgrades, this could mean that the battle is made easier or more difficult even before fighting against the final boss.

Some of the prep work that can be done before starting the fight include:

  • Before even starting the fight proper, hunt down all four keycards in the level to open up the secret areas around the ship. This will enable you to have the Gauss Cannon, Surgical Bed, and Nano-Chest at your disposal during the fight.
  • Consider adding the Unstable Watch to your equipment, which can come in handy to stop time for both damage dealing and a chance to regroup. Activating the Artifact of Command can help immensely in getting item drops that work for your build.

Beating Providence in Risk of Rain Returns

Of course, it is still wise to know the underlying strategy to bring down the sword-wielding enemy. As such, follow these tips for the best shot of winning:

  • Once the boss makes its appearance, be sure to always keep on the move to avoid damaging attacks.
  • This includes the sword slam which sees Providence teleport above you and smashing down. Dodge to either side and counter whenever possible.
  • The boss will also unleash sword combos that end with a shockwave, so get some distance and leap over the shockwave to attack.
  • Look out for the telegraphed attacks, get out of the way of the indicator rings and keep the pressure up.
Providence boss Fight Risk of Rain Returns
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  • Deal enough damage, and Providence will summon the Glided Wurms to join the fight. Both Wurms telegraph their attacks clearly, so be sure to get out of the way and use as many AoE attacks as possible to deal concentrated damage. Keep moving, and you will be fine.
  • Once the Glided Wurms are dealt with, Providence returns and will have two robot companions to help him. Try to eliminate them as soon as possible; then it is just about avoiding the same attacks from the boss again and getting your attacks to land. Do note that Providence will also now summon shadow copies, so watch your dodge and get some distance if needed.
  • Finally, the last phase of the boss fight will up the danger in the form of massive laser beams. Watch how the lasers are moving and try to use the pockets of space to attack whenever you can, but survival is more important than chasing a hit. Also, beware of delayed explosions that will now occur at your position, so constant movement is a must once again.

Play safe and attack only when you are safe, and eventually, the big bad of Risk of Rain Returns will fall to your efforts. Defeating the boss for the first time will unlock the Sniper, whereas beating him five times will reward players with the Mercernary.

That’s everything to know about how to beat Providence in Risk of Rain Returns. Be sure to check out all of our other guides on the game for more help, such as how to unlock all Survivors and what the Providence Trials are all about.

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