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How to Access Counter Strike 2 Limited Test, Explained

War has changed.

The Counter-Strike franchise has finally put the next phase in motion with its highly-anticipated sequel, featuring new game mechanics that further the thrill of the battlefield. Players can expect many improvements within the series, such as updated maps, enhanced building customization, and revamped visual effects. So, if you want to get an early start, here’s how to access Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.

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How Do You Get Access to Counter Strike 2 Limited Test? Answered

According to the game’s FAQs, players must be selected by the Counter-Strike 2 development team to participate in the Limited Test. It’s also recommended to have recently played on Valve’s official servers, as well as have a good Steam account standing and “trust factor.” Those chosen for the Limited Test will receive a notification in CS:GO’s main menu, where you must press ‘Enroll’ to initiate the download.

Once the installation is complete, players can begin the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, which is likely to end before the game’s official release in the Summer of 2023. If you haven’t obtained a message from the developers, you may able to get one at a later date as they continue to issue out notifications via the CS:GO main menu.

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test features game modes, like Deathmatch, and will carry over any weapons you earned from the original. However, players will not be able to modify their inventory as it can only be adjusted through CS:GO for the time being. Aside from weapons, any XP earned from the test can be transferred to the previous installment as well, maximizing your soldier’s performance.

Those who don’t have access to the Limited Test can still play CS:GO or watch any live streams to get a glimpse of the forceful smoke grenades and sub-tick features.

That does it for our guide on how to access Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on CS:GO’s Callouts in Dust 2.

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