Is the Vault Edition Worth It in Modern Warfare 2? Explained

How To Fix MW2 Vault Edition Rewards Not Showing Up

Having an issue getting your Vault Edition rewards? Here's a few solutions to ease your troubles.

A new season of Call of Duty brings more content and, unfortunately, more problems for gamers around the world. A popular issue is the Vault Edition rewards not showing for Modern Warfare 2 gamers, and if you’re having this problem, scroll on to uncover a few fixes to the Vault Edition rewards not showing up for you.

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Fixing Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition Rewards Not Showing Up

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As always, a new season is bound to bring more trouble for you. It’s imperative that you make sure your game is up to date in order to clear the most common factor as to why your rewards may be missing in action. It’s also important to note that if you changed your time setting to New Zealand in order to play early, you’ll have to wait until that fixes itself. If that doesn’t help, here’s what you can try instead:

  • Restore console licenses.
    • This is a fix for PlayStation players. Much like the Oni Operator issue, head to your console’s Settings, select Users and Accounts, go to Other, and select Restore Licenses.
    • This will refresh your console, and any items you may have been missing should return upon booting the game back up.
  • Restart and check for updates.
    • Going off of the last point and the introduction, please make sure that your version of the game is up to date with the current version. Close out the game, update it, and any issues with online services you have should go away.
  • Contact Activision support.
    • When all else fails, Activision support is your ultimate tool for resolving any and all online issues.

That’s all you need to know on how to fix the Vault Edition rewards not showing up in MW2. Below, you’ll find plenty of related troubleshooting and tips to aid you in your online conquests. Check out how to solve matchmaking errors in MW2, how to upgrade to the Vault Edition if you don’t have it already, or our guide on fixing error code 14515 in MW2.

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