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Honkai Star Rail Jing Liu: What We Learned from A Flash Animated Short

Image source: MiHoYo, Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Jing Liu: What We Learned from A Flash Animated Short

Anime rule: If your master is a hot woman, she’ll get possessed later.

Honkai Star Rail has recently released a new short film titled “A Flash.” The video is an eye-catcher, featuring stunning animations and a beautiful musical score that sets the mood. The short film has generated significant hype for the upcoming game by teasing unreleased content and giving fans a glimpse into the backstory of new characters.

Animated Short: A Flash

The animation focuses on Jing Yuan, the next 5-star character after Seele’s banner. The video begins with Jing Yuan fighting a red-eyed lady atop a collapsed building. It is later revealed that the lady is Jing Yuan’s former master, who has been corrupted by an entity that possesses people and turns them into violent beings. Jing Yuan must defeat his master in order to protect Xianzhou and its people.

The flashback sequence in the video shows a younger version of Jing Yuan swearing an oath to the Cloud Knights in front of his teacher, Jingliu. The oath promises to protect the Xianzhou, and it becomes clear that Jing Yuan takes this oath seriously.

When Mara possesses Jingliu, Jing Yuan faces her in battle. The fight sequence between Jing Yuan and Jingliu is intense and action-packed, with both characters giving their all. Despite the emotional toll it takes on him, Jing Yuan ultimately defeats his former master.

Image source: MiHoYo, Honkai Star Rail

The video ends with Jing Yuan training his student Yanqing and sharing Jingliu’s wisdom with him. This final scene serves as a reminder that Jing Yuan has grown into a responsible Knight, fulfilling even his hardest duties. This level of insight into his troubled past lends an air of intrigue to this upcoming character, and will no doubt make him hotly coveted when he drops later this month.

That is everything you need to know about the new cinematic. For more on the game, additional tips, guides, and information, be sure to check out the links below. We’ve also had an article on Asta build guide and Seele build guide available if you need tips for these characters.

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