GTA Online Bail Office Bottom Dollar Bounties
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How to Get a Bail Office in GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties

Learn how the bail businesses work in Bottom Dollar Bounties

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update brings a new business venture to GTA Online: Bail Offices. If you’re looking to expand your business options and want to get into bounties and protection, be sure to check out all the new Bail Offices. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get a Bail Office in GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties.

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How to Get a Bail Office in GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Update

Here’s a simple two-step breakdown for acquiring Bail Offices in GTA Online’s latest update, Bottom Dollar Bounties:

  1. Receive Maude’s Call: Upon logging in after the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, you’ll receive a call from Maude Eccles. This call kicks off the ability to purchase a Bail Office.
  2. Maze Bank Foreclosures: Head over to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website to browse the available Bail Offices. There are five locations spread across Southern San Andreas, each with a varying price tag.

Bail Office Prices

  • Paleto Bay: $1,650,000
  • Davis: $2,000,000
  • Del Perro: $2,350,000
  • Mission Row: $2,390,000
  • Downtown Vinewood: $2,620,000

While the base Bail Office is functional, you can purchase several upgrades to enhance its functionality and aesthetics. These upgrades can be found on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website after you’ve purchased your Bail Office.

  • Style: Fashion up your Bail Office with two style options available for $125,000 or $145,000.
  • Agents: Hire some muscle for your Bail Enforcement business. Agents can be hired individually for $750,000 or as a pair for $1,500,000.
  • Personal Quarters: For an extra $295,000, you can add a personal quarters area to your Bail Office.
  • Gun Locker: Add a Gun Locker for $175,000 to keep your arsenal organized and secure.
  • Armor Plating: Beef up your enforcement van’s protection with Armor Plating for $125,000.

What to Do After You Get a Bail Office

Once you’ve acquired your Bail Office, head inside to get started. Maude and her daughter will greet you with an introductory cutscene. Following the cutscene, you’ll be able to access the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement System computer. 

GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Bail Office upgrade screen with upgrades for vehicle
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This computer will list the available bounties you can take on. There can be up to four standard bounties and one most wanted bounty. The most wanted bounty offers the highest payout but comes with a 24-hour cooldown period. Standard bounties have a 48-minute cooldown after completing all three.

That’s all you need to know about acquiring and operating a Bail Office in GTA Online’s Bottom Dollar Bounties update! With your new bounty-hunting business up and running, you’ll be bringing in big bucks in no time.

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