goddess of victory: nikke high-tech toy

Goddess of Victory: Nikke High-Tech Toy Event Guide

Here's a full High-Tech Toy event guide for Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

With the release of Laplace, players are also getting a new event to farm, called High-Tech Toy. As expected, it comes with its own unique event currency, and there are tons of goodies to pick up here, as long as you know what you’re doing. Here’s a full event guide for High-Tech Toy to help you out in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

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How to Start High-Tech Toy in Goddess of Victory: Nikke

As always, make sure your app is up to date, then boot up the game. Click on the Event button in the top left corner of the Lobby screen, then select High-Tech Toy.

event screen in goddess of victory: nikke
Image Source: Shift Up via Twinfinite

From here, you can click on the Go button to check out all the event stages, but do note that you need Hero Toys in order to attempt a stage. Similar to the Signal Towers in the No Caller ID event, you’ll get five Hero Toys at each daily reset. Do note that Hero Toys do not stack, so make sure to spend them all before the daily reset or they’ll go to waste.

You can also buy Hero Toys from the event shop, but doing so will cost you Gems and we don’t recommend doing that.

Getting Hero Dice and Bonus Nikke

bonus nikkes for high-tech toy
Image Source: Shift Up via Twinfinite

Completing each event stage will also give you a chance of obtaining Hero Dice, which is what you need to complete a new mini-game that offers up all the rewards you’re looking for. To increase your chances of getting Hero Dice, you can make use of the following characters:

  • Laplace: +60%
  • Maxwell: +40%
  • Drake: +40%
  • Volume: +30%
  • Emma: +30%
  • Diesel: +30%
  • Rapi: +20%
  • Anis: +20%
  • Neon: +20%

Laplace is currently available through the rate-up banner, but even if you don’t have any of the SSR characters, all three SR units will give you a 60% chance of obtaining Hero Dice, which is pretty decent. Diesel was also given out for free to all pre-registered players, so even F2P players should be able to farm Hero Dice at 90% efficiency.

Hero Road Mini-Game Guide

Once you’ve gathered enough Hero Dice, enter the Hero Road mini-game to start spending them. You’ll need 40 Dice for each roll, and the goal here is accumulate Hero Power as Laplace progresses through the board. Every tile on the board will give you various rewards and effects, as well as Hero Power. You’ll also gain 50 Hero Power whenever you complete a lap.

hero road mini-game in goddess of victory: nikke
Image Source: Shift Up via Twinfinite

Once Laplace’s Hero Power reaches 100, you’ll gain one special reward. There are a total of 10 rewards, as listed below:

  1. Recruit Voucher x1
  2. Recruit Voucher x1
  3. Recruit Voucher x1
  4. Recruit Voucher x1
  5. Recruit Voucher x2
  6. Recruit Voucher x2
  7. Recruit Voucher x2
  8. Advanced Recruit Voucher x2
  9. Advanced Recruit Voucher x2
  10. Advanced Recruit Voucher x3

After going through all 10 tiers, you’ll start getting Core Dust each time you hit 100 Hero Power. So basically, as long as you’re farming the event stages each day and claiming your bonus Hero Dice from the Missions tab, you should have enough to at least go through all 10 tiers.

That does it for our High-Tech Toy event guide for Goddess of Victory: Nikke. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including our full tier list.

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