God of War: How to Free Dragons (Dangerous Skies Trophy)

Freeing Dragons and Getting the Dangerous Skies Trophy in God of War

One of the coveted trophies in God of War is called Dangerous Skies, and it involves you traveling around Midgard and freeing three chained dragons. This isn’t as tough as it sounds, and the missions are actually rather straightforward as long as you know where to look.

Spoiler Warning: This post is going to go through a story quest in God of War that contains major spoilers. If you want to avoid spoilers as much as possible for the game, we advise turning back now. 



Fafnir – How to Free Dragons in God of War (Dangerous Skies Trophy)

The first of the dragons you’ll free in God of War is most likely going to be Fafnir, as he’s directly related to a Favor that you get from Brok and Sindri. Make sure to complete all the Favors you get from the dwarves, and you’ll eventually be given a new Favor called Flight of Fafnir. Simply follow your compass marker, and you’ll find the dragon in the storeroom. Open up your main menu and go to the Goals tab to track the Favor, and you’ll see the location of all three shrines on your compass. Your objective here is to destroy all three shrines, then go back to the main shrine in front of the dragon to free it. The three shrines are all in the same area, so you don’t have to worry about traveling too far.

Reginn – How to Free Dragons in God of War (Dangerous Skies Trophy)

The second of the dragons in God of War is Reginn, and he can be found by completing one of the end game Favors, Hail to the King. This is the final Favor you get from Brok and Sindri, so you need to complete all prior side quests for them before you gain access to this. Simply follow your marker like before, and proceed through the area like normal. You’ll need to grab two keys to open the door that leads you to the dwarven armor. On your way to the second key, you’ll find Reginn, and you’ll automatically get the quest to free it. Track the Favor from your menu, then destroy the three shrines as usual.

Otr – How to Free Dragons in God of War (Dangerous Skies Trophy)

The third and final dragon is a little trickier to find, as he’s not tied to any particular Favor in the game. Otr the dragon can be found in an area called Veithurgard, which is to the east of Midgard. Keep going eastward from the Lake of the Nine, and head for the large statue of Thor. From the statue, head directly south until you reach a bank where you can dock your boat. You’ll find the dragon easily enough, and you’ll get the quest to free it.

After destroying all shrines and freeing all three dragons in God of War, you’ll get the Dangerous Skies trophy.

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