God of War: How to Get & Use Enchantments

How to Get and Use Enchantments in God of War

The latest entry in Sony Santa Monica’s God of War series brings about the implementation of several RPG elements, including enchantments, which are used to enhance Kratos’ armor. Here’s what you need to know about getting the most out of them.

First off, most armor pieces will contain enchantment sockets in God of War. The more powerful or higher leveled your armor set is, the more sockets you’ll have. The most we’ve seen on any armor piece so far is three enchantment sockets. Certain armor pieces will also gain an extra socket if you upgrade them as well.

Enchantments themselves will provide you with a perk, such as reduced damage from certain enemy types, or low perk activation of some type whenever you pull off a specific move with your weapon. They can usually be found in chests or as enemy drops, and they can also be bought from either Brok or Sindri. If you have enough Enchanted Dust and Hacksilver in God of War, you can also create a random one when talking to either of the blacksmiths.

To equip enchantments, press the Options button and go to the Armor tab. Select any one of your three armor pieces, and press the square button to go to sockets, and then pick an enchantment from your inventory to equip it. Enchantments can be removed and changed anytime.

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