Ghostwire Tokyo: What are Katashiro & How To Get More

Ghostwire Tokyo What are Katashiro and How To Get More of Them

If you were not aware of the story in Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire Tokyo, players will wake up to a city that has lost almost everyone to a supernatural event. With lost souls and enemies about, it is clear that cleaning up Tokyo is going to take a concentrated effort. In order to do that, you are going to help rescue some souls. and our guide on what are Katashiro and how to get more of them in Ghostwire Tokyo will be extremely helpful.

What are Katashiro in Ghostwire Tokyo

The traditional paper doll that is a Katashiro is very important in the Ghostwire Tokyo world, as it is the only way you can absorb the floating souls that are found throughout the city and transport them to safety.

The game will give you some to begin with, however, it is better if you have more in your inventory to help with the rescuing process.

How To Get More Katashiro

Buying Katashiro via Vendors

The easiest way is to visit many of the shops run by the Nekomata, with these yokai selling Katashiro as part of their inventory. They are expensive and considering your need to use your Meika somewhere else, you might balk at their asking price. However, the more Katashiro you have, the more souls you can hold at any given time, so it is a trade-off that is well worth considering.

Earning More Through Side Activities

Another way is to do some collection work for the Nekomata that are seeking collectibles. Depending on the vendor, you might get a reward of more Katashiro after turning in a number of collectibles. There is a max cap of 50 Katashiro, and even if you get more after you have reached the limit, there is no change.

That’s is everything you need to know about what are Katashiro and how to get more of them in Ghostwire Tokyo. For even more help for the game, be sure to head over to our other guides such as what Prayer Beads are or how to use the flashlight.

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