Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Fast Travel

Fast Travel – Ghost Recon Wildlands

The world in Ghost Recon Wildlands is quite massive and it can take ages to drive from one point to another, even if you are traveling by plane. While you can unlock the ability to fast travel, you cannot just warp to any location on the map. In Ghost Recon Wildlands, there are various rebel safe houses you can unlock by traveling throughout the various regions and completing different missions. These mark the areas you can fast travel to and can only be used once they’re discovered by the player.

To fast travel, open up your map and then zoom out so you can see all of the different regions throughout Bolivia. The places you can warp to are marked as small white houses with a flag inside, which can be clicked on and used as points to transport to. The only catch is that players cannot fast travel if they are either being hunted or engaged by the enemy, so make sure to steer clear of any Santa Blanca enemies if you need to travel across the country. This is the easiest way to move from one location to another, so whenever you start hunting a new underboss, make sure to unlock all the safe houses in that specific region.

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