The Six Faces of Wisdom event answers

Genshin Impact The Six Faces of Wisdom Event Answers

Take part in the event to obtain Primogems!

The latest Genshin Impact web event, the Six Faces of Wisdom, has gone live in the game. The event runs until January 18, and players have to select the corresponding Darshan door based on the names to receive in-game rewards. You will also get some hints to help you figure out the puzzle solution. But if you want to earn the rewards in Genshin Impact right away, we have provided the complete list of The Six Faces of Wisdom event answers.

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The Six Faces of Wisdom Web Event – Answers

There are a total of six books on the reading list, each corresponding to the Six Darshans in Sumeru. If you fail to recall, complete the designated tasks in the event to obtain hints. Recall all the six books corresponding to the Darshans in Sumeru to obtain in-game rewards such as Primogems and Character Ascension Materials.

Here are the answers for the Genshin Impact The Six Faces of Wisdom event to clear the event quickly:

  • Question 1: A Field Guide to Rainforest Life
    • Answer: Select the green door “Amurta
  • Question 2: Ancient Mechanics: From Beginner to Expert
    • Answer: Select the white door “Kshahrewar
  • Question 3: Logical Concepts in the Runic Language
    • Answer: Select the gray door “Haravatat
  • Question 4: A Comprehensive Look at Sumeru’s Last 300 Years
    • Answer: Select the yellow door “Vahumana
  • Question 5: Daily Stargazing: An Accelerated Guide to Star Chart Mapping
    • Answer: Select the blue door “Rtawahist
  • Question 6: Mystical Elemental Forces
    • Answer: Select the red door “Spantamad

Once you answer the questions correctly, the game will reward you with Primogem x40, Nagadus Emerald Fragment x3, Mora x20,000, and Mystic Enhancement Ore x2. Besides this, you can also download Alhaitham’s Wallpaper by clicking on the bookmark under the Claim Rewards.

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