Genshin Impact: New Banner Release Date (Klee)

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For a free-to-play game, Genshin Impact offers players an incredibly generous amount of free content. You could quite easily play hundreds of hours without ever spending a penny, and you can even use the gacha system frequently with the currency you accumulate organically for completing in-game activities. That means everyone has a chance of pulling the new character, Klee, when she arrives. Here’s when the new banner release date is in Genshin Impact.

What Genshin Impact’s New Banner Release Date Is

As we’ve explained in a previous guide about how to get Klee, the cutesy female Pyro character was previously available during Genshin Impact’s second and third beta but was removed from the character pool for its full release.

Only starting from this week will Klee rejoin the character pool, both available in the standard banner and via her own promotional banner called Sparkling Steps.

As you can see in the above announcement from developer miHoYo earlier this week, that’s set to go live at 6 PM. Now, presumably, that’s based on China’s servers (nothing is specified, confusingly), which would equate to a 6 AM launch for players in the U.S on EST.

Once the banner goes live, you’ll be able to attempt to “pull” Klee as your 5-Star item from the promotional banner. Remember that promotional banners require Intertwined Fate as opposed to Acquaint Fate, so make sure you reserve your Primogems and Starglitter for that currency to maximize how many pulls you can draw.

Ultimately, whether you get Klee is going to come down to luck, but the promotional banner will give you a much greater chance of getting Klee than you would scoring a 5-Star item from the standard banner. For more information on the Pity System and what the drop rates are in Genshin Impact, check out this guide.

That’s everything there is to know about when the new banner release date is in Genshin Impact. For more useful tips on the game, check out Twinfinite’s guide wiki.

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