The Dreams, Emptiness, Deception quest

Genshin Impact ‘Dreams, Emptiness, Deception’ Quest Guide

Meet the latest characters in Genshin Impact in the Dreams, Emptiness, Deception quest.

Genshin Impact Version 3.1 features a new adventure in the Land of Lower Setekh region. One, in particular, is the ‘Dreams, Emptiness, Deception’ quest that showcases the latest lineup of characters. In this guide, we’ll show you what steps you need to take to finish this Archon mission successfully.

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How To Complete Dreams, Emptiness, Deception Quest in Genshin Impact

The Dreams, Emptiness, Deception quest in Genshin Impact is broken down into three storylines: Like a Triumphant Hero, The Gaze From a Certain God, and The Four at Loggerheads.

We’ll go over the quest steps for each part down below.

Like A Triumphant Hero

Map waypoint in Genshin Impact
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Like A Triumphant Hero is the first chapter of the Dreams, Emptiness, Deception quest. During this mission, you’ll help Nahida by taking control of Sumeru residents and persuading one of the researchers. To do this, players must choose the correct dialogue options when speaking to Setaria. If you need help with this task, you can look at our guide to see all the answers to her questions.

After you’ve selected the answers, you’ll encounter one of the Fatui Harbingers known as “the Doctor,” leading to the next phase of this Archon quest.

The Gaze From a Certain God

When players go to Gandharva Ville, they must eliminate groups of enemies to find Tighnari. However, once you finish this reasonably easy battle, Collei will redirect you to another location at Pardis Dhyai. While in this area, you’ll unlock the secrets of the Fatui and the Akademiya to learn more about their evil plan.

The Four at Loggerheads

In the Dreams, Emptiness, Deception quest: The Gaze From a Certain God, Tighnari will tell you to go to the new desert location of Genshin Impact. Here is a step-by-step guide on what you must do to complete this Archon mission:

  1. Go to Caravan Ribat.

    Once players reach the waypoint, they must follow Alhaitham to escape the Eremites.

  2. Travel to Aaru Village.

    Unlock the Statue of the Seven at the designated area to reveal the rest of the map.

  3. Speak to Cyno, Alhaitham, Candace, and Dehya.

  4. Check on the situation outside the village chief’s house.

  5. Defeat the first wave of Electro monsters.

    Players must survive two rounds of Geo and Electro Rifthound attacks where their health will continuously deplete. It’s best to use Pyro, Cryo, or Geo users against these particular enemies.

  6. Eliminate the second wave.

    You can utilize your Electro, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo characters against the Geo monsters.

  7. Talk to Cyno and Candace to finish the Dreams, Emptiness, Deception quest.

We hope this guide has helped you in your journey to complete the ‘Dreams, Emptiness, Deception’ quest in Genshin Impact. If you want additional content about the latest update, you can check out our guide about how to get Cyno and view any of the relevant links below.

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