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Genshin Impact 3.6 Banner Schedule: Phase 1 and Phase 2

The leaks were right, welcome Baizhu and Kaveh!

Genshin Impact’s latest livestream let fans know what characters are coming with the 3.6 update. There’s been plenty of rumors about what characters will (and won’t) be running, but now players know whether or not they’re saving or spending their hard-earned Primogems. Here’s the Genshin Impact 3.6 banner schedule: Phase One and Phase Two.

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Genshin Impact 3.6 Banner Schedule Phase 1

Genshin Impact 3.6 Banner Nahida
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Phase One of Genshin Impact’s 3.6 Update will feature Nahida and Nilou, two Sumeru characters that are incredibly strong. Whether you’re looking to grab these characters for the first time or get their constellations, here’s everything you need to know about each one. This banner will release with update 3.6, which is set to come out on April 12, 2023. Generally, banners run for three weeks, so we can expect Phase 1 to end on May 3, 2023.


Nahida swinging in on Genshin Impact 3.6 banner
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The Dendro Archon herself, Nahida, is one of the strongest Dendro units in the game. Her abilities both dish out massive Dendro damage while also buffing her other teammates, particularly in Attack Damage, CRIT Rate, and Elemental Mastery. This makes her a powerful Sub-DPS or Support character that can fit into most meta teams in the game.

When it comes to Nahida’s constellations, her C2 is considered the best one. This specific constellation gives any Elemental Reactions with Dendro a chance to CRIT while also lowering enemies’ Defense. If you’re really looking to deal more damage though, her C6 is the best way to go. However, it’s incredibly expensive to try and get, so weigh up your options before spending the Primogems.

It’s also worth noting that Nahida’s C1 doesn’t do much for her. The rest of her constellations are stat boosts, so sticking to C2 or going all the way for C6 are the best options.


Nilou's different stances on banner 3.6 Genshin Impact
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Nilou is a bit of an underdog when it comes to Hydro units. Because of how outstanding Xingqiu and Yelan are, her competition is high, but she performs exceedingly well in the right setting. She can apply AoE Hydro damage with both of her abilities, making her powerful on any team that needs an Elemental Reaction with Hydro (which is most meta Genshin Impact teams).

If you use Nilou in a Dendro/ Hydro-only team, then her damage gets a massive boost because of her passive. However, you don’t have to use her in these teams only. If you’re looking for a character that can apply Hydro reliably, then she’s a wonderful option.

When it comes to her constellations, Nilou’s best one is also C2. This specific constellation will debuff enemies, making her an even better Support character. C1 is also a great constellation to get because it helps her apply Hydro with almost no downtime. Her other constellations buff her damage and other abilities, but they’re generally not considered worth the money to pull for.

Genshin Impact 3.6 Banner Schedule Phase 2

Genshin Impact 3.6 promotional art
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While the Phase One banner for Genshin Impact’s 3.6 Update is incredibly strong, the Phase Two banner is just as powerful. This banner will feature Baizhu and Ganyu, and even Kaveh will be one of the four-stars with a boost rate. While there’s no official release date for this banner, based on historical data, it should be available around May 4, 2023 and run until May 25, 2023.


Baizhu in Genshin Impact 3.6 Phase Two banner
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The Liyue Physician, Baizhu, is finally coming to the game as a playable character in the 3.6 update. The live stream also confirmed his abilities, which focus on healing his team based on his max HP.

He also produces a Dendro shield that dishes out some heavy damage. Depending on the active character’s health percent, Baizhu will actually get different buffs to his healing and/or Dendro damage. He also buffs Elemental Reactions with Dendro through his passive.

Baizhu’s constellations have been leaked, and it looks like the best one is also his C2. This specific constellation makes it so that Biazhu deals damage while healing the character whenever they attack (once every five seconds). His C1 is also great, as it gives him an additional charge of his Elemental Skill, which also heals and deals Dendro damage.

Overall, Baizhu looks like he’s going to boost the power of Dendro teams even more. His place in most teams will be the same as Nahida, trading in a bit of raw damage for healing.


Genshin Impact's Ganyu is getting another rerun in 3.6 update
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Ganyu has long been considered one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact, and she’s had multiple reruns. Her abilities are amazing at dealing AoE Cryo damage, and she shines when she uses her Charged Attacks. She also has a taunt, which makes attacking from afar much easier.

However, because she focuses on Charged Attacks, she can have a bit of a stamina issue. Luckily, her constellations help solve this problem. Her C1 helps her stamina management while also lowering enemies’ Cryo Resistance. This is by far her best constellation.


Kaveh's release in Genshin Impact 3.6 update
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The newest Dendro four-star, Kaveh, will also be running on Phase Two of Genshin Impact’s 3.6 banner. Kaveh’s abilities are all about dishing out AoE Dendro damage while also buffing and setting off Dendro cores, making him a powerful on-field Dendro unit. His Elemental Burst also gives him buffs that apply while he’s on the field.

One of the most powerful things about Kaveh is that his passive makes it so that he actually heals when hit by Dendro cores exploding. Dendro teams can be tricky to play because those cores generally hurt you, so the fact that they heal him make a new way to play the element.

Kaveh’s constellations focus on buffing his damage, but his best one is his C6. His constellations were also leaked, and his C6 specifically makes his Normal/Charged/Plunged attacks like mini versions of his ult (every five seconds). If you’ve got another Dendro character supporting Kaveh, then this makes him incredibly strong.

That’s everything to know about the Genshin Impact 3.6 banner schedule: Phase One and Phase Two. There’s no information on what other four-star characters will be running, and Hoyoverse likely won’t release those until right before the banners go live.

Are you looking forward to any of these character banners? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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