Fortnite: All Basketball Court Locations (Where to Score Basketball Hoops)

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All Basketball Court Locations for the Score a Basket at Different Hoops Challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Fortnite’s week 2 challenges have arrived for its Season 5 Battle Pass. As always, there’s a good mix of challenges this week, with eliminations with certain weapons, in specific locations, and a treasure hunt challenge all offering up some valuable Battle Stars. However, one of the more unique challenges this week requires players to ‘Score a Basket at Different Hoops.’

This is referring to the new toys that were introduced in the Season 5 Battle Pass last week. One of them is the basketball, and players can use this interactive emote to throw a basketball around the map. As such, this challenge tasks you with doing exactly that on five different basketball courts on the map. To give you a helping hand complete the ‘Score a Basket at Different Hoops’ challenge, we’ve listed all of the basketball court locations that we know of in Fortnite down below.

All Basketball Court Locations in Fortnite

  • Head to Snobby Shore and land in the second house down from the north. There’s a basketball court here in the garden.
  • On the east side of Retail Row, you’ll find a basketball hoop in a little park-like area that you can score a basket in for this challenge.
  • Stick around in Retail Row to find another basketball court in the south of this locale. Score a basket and keep on movin’.
  • Head up to the north of the map and over to Junk Junction in the west. On its east side, towards the back, you’ll find another basketball hoop you can score a basket in.
  • To the west of Tilted Towers is a soccer pitch, swimming pool, taco stand and a gas station. Among these buildings is a basketball court on the southwest side.
  • While we’re in the vicinity of Tilted Towers, make your way to the bustling metropolis and over to the northwest side. Here, you’ll find a basketball court raised up a bit with a few rooms underneath. Head up here, score a basket, and that’s another one ticked off.
  • Greasy Grove’s northeast corner has another basketball court you can score a basket at.
  • Head to Paradise Palms and land in the northeast section. You’ll find a single hoop just waiting for you to score.

That’s all of the basketball court and hoop locations we’ve found in Fortnite, and that should be enough for you to complete the ‘Score a Basket at Different Hoops’ week 2 challenge.

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