Fortnite: Where to Find Literature Samples (Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, Retail Row)

A Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 2 challenge requires players to ‘Obtain Literature Samples from Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake or Retail Row.’ There are five Fortnite literature sample locations across the three named locations, but you only need to collect four samples to complete the challenge.

In this guide, we’ll be running you through where to find all literature samples in Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake and Retail Row.

Fortnite Literature Sample Locations

fortnite literature sample locations map

Lazy Lake #1 – Fortnite Literature Sample Locations

Head to the gas station on the west side of Lazy Lake. It has a ’24 H’ sign if you’re having trouble finding it.

Head inside on its ground floor level and you’ll find another magazine rack you can interact with to get another literature sample.

fortnite literature sample locations

Lazy Lake #2

Go to the Lazy Lake Spa building in the southwest corner of Lazy Lake and head down the ramp to the below-ground parking lot on its east side.

Head through the doorway and you’ll find another literature sample location from the magazine rack.

fortnite literature sample locations

Pleasant Park #3 – Fortnite Literature Sample Location

Land outside the blue brick house on the west side of Pleasant Park.

Go through the front door, turn left and you’ll see a bookcase. Interact with this to get another literature sample.

fortnite literature sample locations

Pleasant Park #4

Next, you’re heading right up to the northwest corner and finding the large house at the very end of the top row with red bricks.

Head through the front door, take a left through another door and you’ll find a bookcase on the opposite wall.

fortnite literature sample locations

Interact with it to get another literature sample.

Retail Row #5 – Fortnite Literature Sample Locations

Head to the McGuffin’s bookshop on the east side of Retail Row.

Once inside, look for and interact with the magazine racks on the back wall to collect another literature sample for the week 2 challenge.

fortnite literature sample locations

That’s everything you need to know on tracking down all Fortnite literature sample locations in Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, and Retail Row.

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