Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

Nintendo’s newest mobile title has been released upon the world and now players are finally getting to bring the Fire Emblem experience to their phones. In this game, users are able to summon a vast array of heroes to fight for them that span across the entire game series itself. With such a large roster of units, it can be quite overwhelming to figure out which are the best for your party. Thankfully, Fire Emblem Heroes has implemented a tier system that’s based around star ratings.

To access this large roster of characters, you’ll need to be at the home base and then select the “Summon”  tab at the bottom of your screen. This is marked by a large Orb and will bring up some beautiful artwork showing off popular heroes like Marth and Robin. From here, you can see both the appearance rate and details for the different characters. You can also scroll between two different pools of heroes, each will be easily identifiable by their image.

Once you click on details, a large list will take over your screen, with each section separated by the number of stars or their “rank.” This is the base Fire Emblem Heroes tier list, as characters are either categorized as three, four, or five stars with the latter noting the strongest characters obtainable. Underneath each star section in Fire Emblem Heroes is a list of every hero that’s in that rank, along with their unit type on the left. It’s important to note that some heroes are placed across multiple tiers, so you can acquire Robin in all of the different tier lists.

Also, don’t worry if you manage to only obtain three-star characters, as you can level them up over time to be five-star heroes. This is meant to alleviate the need to just farm the summoning section for high level units in Fire Emblem Heroes. If you get a character like Roy, just place them in your party and use them in fights so you can save your orbs for when you really need them. If you are looking for a specific hero, make sure to check the master list in each of the two Summoning pools to ensure you have a chance at your desired fighter.

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