FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips and Tricks for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Beginners

FIFA 19 has finally released and it’s time for the yearly Ultimate Team cycle to begin anew. You’ll be looking to build a team and jump into the new Divisions Rivals mode to test yourself against players from around the world. However, if you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to get started and make the most out of FIFA 19 this year, we’re here to help. Here are some tips and tricks for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Beginners.

Tips and Tricks for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Beginners

Chemistry & Team Building

As you’d expect, putting together a competitive team is the most important part of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. You’re not going to climb the Division Rivals ranking very quickly with a bronze team or someone like Lorenzo Insigne in goal.

You need to get 11 players who both fit the meta of FIFA 19 and create a team with 100 chemistry. Players from the same league get a soft chemistry link, as do those from the same nation, while those that share both a nation and league or are from the same team get a strong (green) link.

You can get more chemistry with perfect links if players are from the same nation and club, but having all players link in even the most basic way will be enough to get 100 chemistry, provided they’re in their correct positions.

While having an impressive coin total is nice to look at, it won’t give you any advantage in the actual game part of FIFA 19, so try to upgrade your team when you can.

It can be helpful to have an idea ahead of time of a path for improvement. Knowing which player can replace who, and having an idea of their price, will give structure to how you approach the modes and rewards because you’ll know what you need.

Of course, the release of special cards can change plans, but it’s about adapting to which area of your team needs improvement most and picking players who suit your play-style.

Tips and Tricks for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Beginners


Getting a great team requires coins, however, and while you can get a good amount from simply playing the game, utilizing the transfer market is the best way to make a quick buck. The FIFA 19 transfer market can be unpredictable at times, with players sometimes being worth more or less than they should be, but it tends to follow the same pattern every year, and that can be taken advantage of.

Player prices tend to hit their peak after three or four weeks of the game being out, once players have coins to buy players, and they fall steadily until Black Friday Promos and Team of the Year in November and December, when they drop massively.

Before then, you can take advantage of rising prices and the release of special cards that are potential gold mines. Look for cards you know will go up in price, either due to demand or SBC requirements. Think about what might be needed for upcoming Player of the Month SBCs, or invest in long-term items such as low price in-forms or consumables that’ll double in price later in the year. It can take quite a lot of time and thinking, but there are plenty of options for taking advantage of the market in FIFA 19.

Also, don’t ignore bronze and silver players and packs. Sometimes, they can have astronomical value. Packs have changed slightly this year, so you can no longer get silver players from gold packs, or silvers from bronze packs, and so on, and while that’s good for gold packs finally being what the name says, silver players will become extremely rare.

Silver and bronze players will be needed for Marquee Matchups and League SBCs throughout the year, and they’ll shoot up in price once they’re needed, seeing cards that were once worth 200 coins hitting 10-20k overnight. Also, at 400 coins each, it’s nigh on impossible to make a loss over time from a bronze pack.

Most players will be worth something at one point in the year and opening them replenishes your consumables pile. Using Bronze/Silver Pack Method and investing some coins that way will always see a decent return.

Tips and Tricks for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Beginners

Chemistry Styles & Statistics

Getting every little stat boost you can from a player is also important, and Chemistry Styles help boost those that are important. However, it’s often tough to know which Chemistry Style fits which player.

It might be tempting to boost a player in their weak areas, such as the passing of a full back, but it’s more important to max out the stats that are important in each position. For example, Shadow and Anchor Chem Styles boost defending, physical, and pace attributes, which are important for defenders, while Hawk and Hunter boost pace, shooting, and physical, which can get the full potential from an offensive player.

Chemistry Styles are as important as ever, so be sure to take advantage of the boosts they grant, even if they’ve been reduced slightly this year. Also, you can now see the boosts they give by checking the Statistics page of a player’s profile. Simply press R3 on the player and scroll to the right tab.

Tips and Tricks for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Beginners

Squad Building Challenges

Squad Building Challenges are also a great source of profit and team improvements throughout the year. While still unconfirmed, potential Prime Icons SBCs can help you improve your team, as will FUTmas and other Promos, but it’s the likes of the Advanced SBCs and Marquee Matchups that can make you money that are the most important.

The Starter and Basic challenges can give you a coin boost in the early hours of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, but the pack rewards of the Advanced ones can yield huge profits at the start of the year. Minimizing the cost of completing them also maximizes the profit, and you can check Ultimate Team specific sites such as Futbin to see the cheapest solutions.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Squad Building Challenges section of FIFA 19 regularly throughout the week, too, to take advantage of challenges that have the potential for profit or offer players who can improve your team without breaking the bank.

Don’t invest all your coins in untradeable players, however, because you’ll be left short later in the year, but some of them are certainly worth the time and coin investment.

Tips and Tricks for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Beginners

Modes & Rewards

You should also take advantage of every FIFA 19 Ultimate Team mode and the rewards they offer. Divisions Rivals and FUT Champions Weekend League will be the most appealing because of their new structure, and they should still be your focus due to the excellent rewards they offer, but don’t ignore Squad Battles and Draft, especially at the start of the year.

The Squad Battles pack rewards might not be worth your time later in the year, but they can be lucrative early on. Even playing just five or so games over the course of a week will net you around 10k coins and a couple of packs, giving your earnings a nice little boost, and if you’re good enough to win on Legendary, reaching Elite 1 won’t even require you to play all the games.

Playing offline isn’t as fun as facing off against another player, but it’s easy to waste time in Rivals so it’s better to take advantage of any time you have for Squad Battles.

Playing the Draft is more fun, but since it requires a 15,000 coin investment, you almost need to be able to win it regularly for it to be worth the fee. That’s less true early in the year when even low-rated players can be worth a good amount, but most packs don’t offer enough in return for it to be worthwhile losing in the first two rounds. If you’re good enough at FIFA 19, however, there’s a lot of profit to be made in draft because you can be granted more than 100k coins worth of packs for just four wins and a 15k entry fee.

For more tips and tricks on all things FIFA 19 and Ultimate Team, be sure to check out our extensive wiki guide.

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