FIFA 19 Timed Finishing: How to Score Timed Finishing Shots

How to Score Timed Finishing Shots in FIFA 19

Gameplay has had quite a big overhaul for EA’s FIFA 19, seeing shooting change quite a lot. The changes combat the overpowered tactics of previous years. While the low driven shot saw you press shoot (circle/B) twice to send a bullet into the back of the net, that’s no longer the case, with Timed Finishing replacing that input. However, it’s not quite a simple as pressing the button twice. Here is everything you need to know about how to score Timed Finishing shots in FIFA 19.

How It Works

While you need to press shoot twice to score Timed Finishing shots in FIFA 19, it’s the ‘Timed’ part of that that makes it more complicated. You need to press shoot the second time at precisely the right moment for the accuracy and power to be increased.

You should aim to press the button the second time just before the player you’re controlling strikes the ball. If you’re in control of the ball, the two presses will be quite close together, but if you’re far out or hitting the ball first time, you’ll need to pause a little between the first and second presses.

How to Score Timed Finishing Shots in FIFA 19

Now, scoring with this new mechanic in the game isn’t easy, at all. It’s one of the biggest gameplay changes to come to the series in recent years, and it has a big impact on how you approach shooting. There’s now more risk involved and the potential for a large skill gap, if players can get used to it.

What I’d recommend doing is putting the Trainer on for the first five to ten matches you play. With the Trainer active, a small gauge will appear when you press shoot the second time. Time it perfectly and it the indicator above your player’s head will flash green. Get it wrong and it’ll be white, red, or yellow, depending on how far off you are from getting it right.

Keeping the Trainer on for your first few matches will help you get to grips with Timed Finishing. It gives you a visual representation of how far off you are from getting the timing correct. Therefore, it helps you score timed finishing shots in FIFA 19.

That’s all you need to know about how to score Timed Finishing shots in FIFA 19. For more on the game, be sure to check our our FIFA 19 wiki guide.

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