How Spirit Points Work in Evil Dead The Game (& How to Get Them)

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Evil Dead: The Game has just been released for PC and consoles, and it allows players to either step into the shoes of a survivor or the Kandarian Demon in its hectic 4v1 multiplayer mode. There are three different Demons available right now, as well as a rather huge roster of survivors that you can play as, and they all need to be leveled up individually. Here’s a breakdown of how the Spirit Points work in Evil Dead: The Game, and how you can farm them efficiently.

What Spirit Points Do in Evil Dead The Game

Think of Spirit Points as a form of skill points for each of your characters. As you play more matches with a specific Demon or survivor, you’ll rack up experience for them and their character level will slowly increase. Each time they level up, you’ll gain one Spirit Point, which you can then use to unlock skills that will make them stronger.

  1. Play matches with a survivor or a Demon.

  2. Once your character has leveled up, back out to the main menu and select Collection.

  3. Choose the character that has just leveled up.

  4. Select the skill you want to unlock, then spend a Spirit Point to confirm your selection.

    Make sure to save your changes as you back out of the menu.survivor skills in evil dead: the game

It’s incredibly important that you spend your Spirit Points to strengthen your characters in Evil Dead: The Game, as level 1 characters are pretty weak and won’t have a ton of perks or increased stats to help them out through tougher matches. These are also not to be confused with the Pink F Points you get within matches, which only upgrade your character’s stats during the match itself.

How to Get Spirit Points

evil dead: the game scoreboard screen

As mentioned above, you gain one Spirit Point for each level up. That said, the amount of experience you get per match depends on your actions in-game, how much you contribute to your team, and how good you are at completing the objectives. You’ll be awarded experience based on how well you perform in the following categories:

  • Boss units killed
  • Elite units killed
  • Basic units killed
  • Damage dealt
  • Finishers executed
  • Headshots executed
  • Survived the match without dying
  • Teammates revived from bleeding out
  • Dead teammates resurrected
  • Healing given
  • Time spent on objectives
  • Pink F collected
  • Main objectives completed

Do note, however, that if you disconnect or leave a game early, you’ll forfeit all the rewards you gained from that match. If you want to keep your experience progress, make sure to stay till the end.

That’s all you need to know about how Spirit Points work in Evil Dead: The Game. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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