Elden Ring: Best Armor for Astrologer Builds

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FromSoftware’s latest RPG features a lot more magic than previous Souls-type games, with all manner of different spells, incantations, and the new Ashes of War mechanic. A natural class choice for any aspiring sorcerer is the Astrologer, but especially in the early part of the game there’s very little armor and equipment that you’ll come across which is suitable for the build. So, here’s an overview of the best armor for Astrologer in Elden Ring so that you know what to look out for.

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Best Armor for Astrologer Builds in Elden Ring

The first thing you should know about Astrologer armor in Elden Ring is that there really aren’t many armor sets to be found during the early stages of the game specifically for Astrologers/ magic builds, and some that you find actually aren’t as good as the Astrologer cloak set you get as standard. In fact, one key thing to remember about armor in Elden Ring is that armor stats aren’t hugely important in general, let alone for an Astrologer/ magic build. After all, your strategy isn’t to take damage at all — only to avoid incoming attacks and hit back with high damage. Be that as it may, donning armor with decent protection will undoubtedly mitigate potential damage, which is always welcome no matter what class you choose.

Having said all of that, as an Astrologer you’re still free to wear any armor set you find in the game. If you’re new to Souls-type games, don’t be mistaken in thinking that as a magic build you simply can’t equip armor sets that appear as though they are better suited to strength/ dexterity and other more conventional melee builds. You absolutely can. Just make sure your weight doesn’t exceed the threshold to be able to dodge/ roll effectively. Generally speaking, Light Armor pieces are best for Intelligence builds, but you can mix in some heavier stuff so long as the weight doesn’t prevent you from fast rolling.

In all honesty, the standard Astrologer set is all you need for your first 20 or so hours with the game as a magic build. Most of the time, swapping out armor sets is really an aesthetic choice more than it is one for gameplay.

Still, it’s true that later in the game there is better armor available than the standard Astrologer Cloak. Here, we’ll list a few options to either change from the standard set or mix in other armor to enhance various attributes:

  • Imp Helm (Cat) – Farm from Imps in the Limgrave Catacombs. Adds +2 to Intelligence.
  • Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set – Found by farming mobs in the Academy. Behind a false wall, you’ll find the Helm. The best location to farm is at the Classroom Bonfire. The helm gives a boost to your Intelligence but at the detriment of your Stamina.
  • Snow Witch Armor Set – Found in a chest on the upper floor of Renna’s Rise after reaching the end of Ranni’s questline. These armor pieces all give a boost to your Vitality and Focus resistances.
  • Sage Set – Found in Stillwater Cave, Liurnia of the Lakes, just ahead and below the Lake Facing Cliffs, it’s all sitting on a poison submerged corpse near the end. Beware the Giant Bats that will attack you when you take it.
  • Errant Sorcerer’s Set – Found at The Craftsman’s Shack in Mt. Gelmir. This set largely focuses upon Magic defense over Physical. The Crown boosts Intelligence and Endurance at the expense of some Focus Points.
  • Azur’s Glintstone Set – Complete Sorcerers Sellen’s questline (must side with her), then return to Primeval Sorcerer’s Azur to get the full set. When equipped, the Crown boosts the damage of the Comet Azur and Glintstone Cometshard sorceries by 15 percent. However, the FP cost of all sorceries are increased by 15 percent.
  • Blackflame Monk Set – Farmed from Blackflame Monks at the Divine Tower of Caelid. Enter and go down to the basement for the best location to find them. A set that strikes a good balance between Magic and Physical defense.
  • Alberich’s Set – Found in Leyndell, which is the city near the Erdtree. Specifically, the Legacy Dungeon. It’s about three-quarters of the way through the dungeon. The Robe increases the damage of the Briars of Punishment and Briars of Sin sorceries.
  • Spellblade Set – Boasts stat boosts for all Glintstone sorceries. Undertake Sorcererer Rogier’s questline, but before completing it become a vassal of Ranni and then Rogier will die, leaving his set to be collected from the Roundtable Hold.
Imp's Helm
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That should give you a solid overview of some of the best armor for an Astrologer build in Elden Ring. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips, tricks and information on the game.

If you have a specific question you cannot find an answer to anywhere on the site then do feel free to reach out in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to lend a hand. Otherwise, go ahead and take a gander at our further coverage down below.

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