Downwell Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum

Downwell is an innovative 2D platformer from developer Moppin where traversal scrolls vertically rather than across. Achieving the platinum trophy for Downwell is not easy, requiring mastery of the game’s mechanics and ultra precise platforming skills. If you’re up for a real challenge, though, Downwell’s Platinum is certainly doable with finesse and a bit of patience. This trophy guide should provide a helpful reference. Following our steps should give you a better chance of ticking this one off the list.

There are only 23 trophies in Downwell, none are missable and all the games challenges can be attempted on the easier first levels.

Downwell (Platinum) – Completed all other trophies. The final piece of the puzzle: when you’ve popped every other trophy in Downwell, the Platinum is yours.

Careful descent (Bronze) – Complete a level without taking any damage. For this trophy, the key is to stay mobile and not let enemies surround you. Attempt this on Cavern 1 and remember to stop at the cave on the right side to grab the shotgun, which has a wider spread and can help keep enemies at bay.

Time Never Stops (Bronze) – Complete a level without visiting side rooms. Again, we recommend completing this trophy on the first level. Be sure to avoid the glowing bubbles as you descend, as they will transport you to a side room.

Mottainai (Bronze) – Complete a level without shooting. Just keep jumping and bouncing off enemies rather than shooting at them. You can tap X to jump, but be sure not accidentally hit it twice and fire off a round.

Wow Combo (Bronze) – Land a 10 combo. Landing a 10 combo isn’t too difficult and you should unlock this trophy during general gameplay.

Whoa Combo (Bronze)Land a 30 combo. The best tactic for longer combos is to measure your shots, shooting accurately and staying on the move.

Masterful Descent (Silver) – Complete an area without taking damage. You’ll need to beat three consecutive levels to achieve this trophy. Once again, Cavern 1-3 is recommended. Keep everything slow and steady. Use the side rooms to catch your breath. The starting weapon is optimal for keeping you moving slowly via recoil.

Bye Frogs (Silver) – Beat the first area. A self-explanatory one: simply beat the first area in Downwell.

Bye Ghosts (Silver) – Beat the second area. Keep on moving through the game and you’ll unlock this one.

Bye Squids (Silver) – Beat the third area. Your trophy will pop after you’ve beaten Downwell’s third area.

Bye Stuff (Silver) – Beat the fourth area. The final area in Downwell is unsurprisingly its hardest. Once you’ve managed to reach the end, this trophy will pop.

Bye Well (Silver) – Beat the boss. The best strategy here is to stay as far away from the boss while trying to achieve maximum damage. Keep plenty of charges left in your gun and take your time descending between platforms. The final phase of the battle is hectic, so just focus on dodging as much as you can and using recoil to stay a safe distance.

Pacifist (Silver) – Complete a level without killing any enemy. This is much harder than it might sound. This is best attempted on Cavern 1. Try to jump as much as possible and take your time in between so that you can see what you are jumping towards. Remember, you can shoot the blob-like enemies if you need to because they take a few hits to kill.

Ground Allergy (Silver) – Complete a level without landing. Use the starting machine gun for this trophy because its recoil gives you a nice amount of hang-time in the air. Obviously, you want to keep shooting to slow your descent, but in order to do so, you will need to aim yourself toward enemies and bounce off them to reload.

Sugoi Combo (Silver) – Land a 100 combo. This is a daunting trophy to unlock, but if you focus on accuracy it is perfectly doable. Your combo will keep counting between stages, so begin this challenge on Cavern 1 and expect to amass 100 by Cavern 3. Use the starting gun and measure your shots. You have a few seconds between hits before the combo counter ends, so don’t panic and fire in single or double shots. Fire once or twice in between each hit to keep yourself hanging in the air.

Saving Up (Silver) – Have more than 3000 gems. Try and go for this trophy at the same time as “Frugality” (tips listed below).

Clean Boots (Gold) – Complete an area without landing. As with Ground Allergy, use the machine gun’s recoil to increase your hang time. Keep shooting and bouncing off enemies to reload. Watch out for platforms, as they can’t be blasted away like the ground blocks can.

So Many Frogs (Gold) – Beat the first area (hard mode). This trophy requires you to beat Downwell’s first area on the hardest difficulty setting.

So Many Ghosts (Gold) – Beat the second area (hard mode). This trophy requires you to beat Downwell’s second area on the hardest difficulty setting.

So Many Squids (Gold) – Beat the third area (hard mode). This trophy requires you to beat Downwell’s third area on the hardest difficulty setting.

So Much Stuff (Gold) – Beat the fourth area (hard mode). This trophy requires you to beat Downwell’s fourth area on the hardest difficulty setting.

Well Master – Beat the boss (hard mode). Use the same tactics as in Bye Well.

Frugality (Gold) – Have more than 5000 gems. This trophy can take a long time to achieve. Use “Arm Spin Style” for this trophy because you won’t be using any shops and only gun mods will be useful. Try to continually achieve chains of eight for a 100 gem bonus. With a lick of luck, you’ll get a “Gem Attractor” as you go for this trophy, which will be a big boost.

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