Does Party Animals Have Crossplay? Answered

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Image Source: Recreate Games
Image Source: Recreate Games

As with any exciting new online multiplayer game, players of course want to know who all they can play with upon release, be it friends or, as we call them around here, ‘randoms’. More and more multiplayer titles are featuring what’s known as ‘crossplay’, which means that folks can play together in the same match while on different platforms. With Recreate Games’ Party Animals on the cusp of its long-awaited debut to the masses, many are likely wondering the same thing. Thankfully, we have the answer to whether Party Animals will have crossplay.

Will Party Animals Have Crossplay (& Which Consoles)?

Party Animals will the game have crossplay
Image Source: Recreate Games via Twinfinite

We’re glad to say that yes, Party Animals will in fact feature crossplay for all of its players. That means that everyone who has the game on any of the available platforms, either PC (Steam) or Xbox Series X|S, will be able to participate in matches with each other. This will keep the player pool wide open for everyone to meet and make friends while bashing the literal stuffing out of each other.

That concludes our guide for whether Party Animals will have crossplay or not. We hope to see you on the game at release, and let us know what you like most about it so far.

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