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Does Alicent Hightower Marry the King in House of the Dragon?

A guide that explains whether or not Alicent Hightower is chosen as the king's new wife.

In House of the Dragon, just like it was in Game of Thrones, kings need queens, and to go without weakens one’s hold on the Iron Throne. In season 1, episode 2, we see King Viserys struggle with this decision, to move on from his deceased wife and find a new queen. Among several possibilities, does Alicent Hightower marry the king in House of the Dragon.

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon season 1, episode 1 and episode 2.

Does Alicent Hightower Marry the King in House of the Dragon?

Yes, Alicent Hightower is set to marry the King in House of the Dragon, a major plot point that the show has been subtly hinting at since the premiere episode.

With King Viserys’ wife dead, the Small Council has been urging the King to remarry in order to strengthen his hold on the Iron Throne. Corlys Velaryon offers his daughter’s hand in marriage to bring together the last two remaining houses from Old Valyria, which everyone agrees is the best option, exception Otto Hightower.

Otto Hightower expresses how unfortunate the king’s position is, to marry out of duty after just laying his wife to rest, but reading between the lines Otto is covertly suggesting marriage out of affection rather than duty. Alicent has been visiting Viserys’ chambers over the past six months, at Otto’s request, so it’s only natural for the king to choose her.

Why Does Alicent Hightower Pick Her Nails?

Alicent Hightower picks at her nails out of stress and anxiety, caused by her status as a noble and expectations from her own father, Otto Hightower. You’ll notice during scenes of great stress, like during the tourney, Alicent absentmindedly picking away at her nails.

Indeed, Alicent Hightower does marry the king in House of the Dragon, and you can even witness their relationship produces an heir during the sneak peek of the following episode. Was that Otto Hightower’s goal all along? For more on House of the Dragon, find out what lickspittle means or why Dark Sister is so valuable.

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