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Destiny 2: Which Class Should You Pick?


Destiny 2: Which Class Should You Pick?

Which Class Should You Pick in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is finally here, but before you can dive in and show Ghaul why he shouldn’t mess with the Guardians of the galaxy (no, not the group with the talking raccoon), you’re going to have to make a difficult choice. You see, you must first create your character, your Guardian, the only thing standing between survival and complete annihilation of the human race (yeah there are other players, but you’re the game-changer). You have three choices which are the Warlock, Titan, and Hunter, so which class do you pick?

While the three classes are well balanced, they have their own nuances that make them unique. Class abilities, different supers, and perks can potentially sway you one way or another. If you’re a returning Destiny player, you may already know exactly what you want. But if you’re brand new, or perhaps haven’t been keeping up with the changes made to each class, allow us to help you make the right choice before you go and challenge Ghaul and his Red Legion. 

Choosing the Warlock in Destiny 2

Which Class Should You Pick in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2, warlock

The Warlock is Destiny 2’s resident space mage. While all classes do use the power of the light to do extraordinary things, Warlocks pretty much worship its abilities and are highly disciplined in manipulating the power to drive out their enemies. In Destiny 2, much like in the first game, Warlocks make for excellent support characters thanks to their ability to control crowds of enemies as well as heal at a pretty solid weight. Adding to this for the sequel is the fact that Warlocks have a new class ability that allows them to drop a rift of light, which makes them fit the support role even more.

The rift can either be set to heal all allies that step within it (even over-healing to provide an overshield) or to boost the attack of anyone within its light. It’s perfect for helping out a squad in a tight situation and can really turn the tide of a tough battle, even in the Crucible (Destiny 2’s designated PvP area). Their mobility is a bit loose, opting for a slow glide over simple multi-jumps (though Voidwalkers can teleport short distances). There are also the three subclasses to consider.

Dawnblade – The Daybreak super summons a flaming sword that you can use to fire waves of fire at your enemies from the sky (yup, you get wings). Perfect for taking out large groups of targets, or dealing massive damage to a boss. The different attunements (Sky and Flame) focus on mobility and crowd control, making this a great, death dealing class.

Voidwalker – The Voidwalker Warlock is another damage dealing behemoth in Destiny 2. Grenades focus on taking out groups, while the super is literally a large bomb that can clear a room. The attunements are quite different, though. Chaos is more focused on destruction with the ability to make grenades stronger or make enemies explode. Attunement of Hunger is all about survivability, letting you heal by devouring your grenades and taking out large groups of enemies.

Stormcaller – Returning from The Taken King, this subclass is deadly at close-mid range, using lightning to control crowds and quickly defeat enemies. Everything this subclass does is about killing groups as quickly as possible while providing useful perks, such as the Arc Soul to your allies. There are also boosts from simply being around allies.

The Warlock is a great option for solo players since they’re never under pressure when being harassed by groups of enemies, or team players that like to play the back. Setting up rifts behind cover for your Titan and Hunter teammates to jump into helps keep order and the ball in your court. You will have to stay aware of your team at all times, though, in order to make the most of your class ability. Or you can play selfish and use all the rifts for yourself. 

Choosing the Titan in Destiny 2

Which Class Should You Pick in Destiny 2?

destiny 2, titan

Titans are your tanks in Destiny 2. Okay, so they’re not as tanky as something you’d find in a more legitimate RPG, but they are good at drawing attention, taking fire, and protecting allies from harm. Their supers are all about becoming elemental-charged juggernauts that make them a nightmare for opponents, especially in PvP. They’re a well-balanced class, though they don’t have the greatest mobility in the game (not that it ever becomes too big of a problem). With great defense and decent healing as well, they make a great option for solo or team play.

The Titan’s class ability in Destiny 2 is a barrier of light. Just think of a mobile cover and you can picture exactly what it is. There are two versions. The short one allows players to duck behind it and instantly reload their weapon. The tall one is perfect for cutting off passageways for enemies.

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking of choosing the Titan in Destiny 2 are its three subclasses.

Sentinel – The Sentinel is the new super defensive class. The Code of the Protector build brings back the Defender’s Ward of Dawn from the first game (an indestructible bubble of light). It also allows you to create an overshield for yourself and nearby allies to make everyone more resilient against damage. Code of the Aggressor focuses a lot more on killing enemies, but does give a Titan perks if they find themselves on the frontlines. In the Trenches charges your super faster if you get kills while surrounded, and killing with your grenade charges your grenade ability (pretty sweet).

Striker – The Striker is more about killing than defending others. Each build (Earthshaker and Juggernaut) provides different perks depending on how you want to play. Want to make the most of your super while also staying on the front lines? Juggernaut is for you. Want to keep enemies away, go the way of the Earthshaker.

Sunbreaker – Finally is the Solar class. This is a great support class as well as one for those taking point. You can lower enemy defenses, control the field with sunspots, or deal massive damage. The hammers still give veteran players the chills whenever you hear them clang.

All in all, all of the subclasses help contribute to that frontline mentality, making the Titan a perfect option for those who don’t want to hang back in Destiny 2. 

Choosing the Hunter in Destiny 2

Which Class Should You Pick in Destiny 2?

destiny 2, hunter, class

The Hunter is easily the least changed of all of the three classes coming into Destiny 2, but that’s probably because of all of them, Hunters had the most defined role in the original Destiny. They’re agile and great at long range. In fact, two of the subclasses available to these Guardians favor precision, as they both summon weapons for you to fire. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be dangerous at close-range, but they’re far more suited for distance due to their lack of base resilience and the fact that they aren’t the fastest healers.

What helps Hunters out, though, are the class abilities. The Marksman’s dodge will reload your weapon, letting you continue a close range attack. Gambler’s dodge fully recharges your melee ability if used near enemies and lets you hold your own just a bit longer on the frontlines. Of course, what will really define the Hunter for you are its subclasses.

Arcstrider – This Arc class replaces the Bladedancer, though it works almost exactly the same (only a bit more precise). Funnily enough, its largely a close-range subclasss, especially when it comes to its super. It’s great for taking on singular, powerful targets, or small groups of weaker ones. Its defense isn’t as high as that of the Bladedancer, though, so you need to err on the side of caution when using this.

Gunslinger – This Solar sharpshooter is just as potent as it was in vanilla Destiny. The Golden Gun super has gotten a lot of attention through two different paths. First is the Outlaw which keeps you firing your gun, lets you throw an explosive knife, and makes landing shots much easier. Plus, you can fan off three shots like a pro. Way of the Sharpshooter is all about headshots, granting various perks for the player who takes time to aim.

Nightstalker – Finally is the Nighstalker, one of the best subclasses in the entire game. For starters, it’s an amazing support class since it can essentially shut down enemies or entire Crucible teams. It also weakens enemies, and a direct shot from Shadowshot can one hit kill someone in PvP. You also gain great perks for solo and evasive play like the ability to disorient enemies or to turn invisible.

The Hunter is a great class for loners, or those who like to place all bets on pure skill. This is the squishiest of the three classes when you don’t take armor perks into consideration, but it also benefits the most from being really good with a gun and has the ability to dance around enemies, something the other classes lack.

Check out our Destiny 2 wiki for more on the game.

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