Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Raise Power Level Fast & Get Raid Ready

destiny 2 forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Raise Power Level Fast & Get Raid Ready

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Tip 1: Try to Save Challenges Until After Soft Cap, Play Crucible

destiny 2 forsaken

The new Destiny 2: Forsaken raid, Last Wish releases this week, and it’s definitely not going to be for the average Destiny 2 fan. If you’re just enjoying your time casually in this first week, not really optimizing your play time, then there’s a good chance you’re not going to be raid ready, at least for your first opportunity this weekend. Eventually if you’re coasting through at your own pace you’ll be able to stroll into a raid and be prepared. However, if you want to raise your power level and be raid ready ASAP, here’s what you need to do.

The first and most obvious tip is to try and hold off on as many challenges as possible until getting as close to the 500 soft cap as you can. This is so that you’re always getting the highest possible piece of new equipment. It’s easier said than done, and some are not going to be avoidable, and some like the daily challenges, you actually want to do right away for the obvious reason of it being limited, but try your best to backload those weekly challenges if you can. That will put you in the best position to raise your power level and get raid ready.

While this might be torture for PvP haters, the Crucible is a pretty decent source of solid blues aka rare equipment while leveling up to 500. It’s a very steady way of getting equipment upgrades up to 500 power level. If you really can’t stand Crucible, then consider Gambit/Lost Sectors instead, but we’ve found that Crucible is the most steady and reliable way to raise your power level early on and put yourself in a good position to be raid ready.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the Cryptarch daily and get your prime attunement buff. It’s pretty much a free powerful engram per day which is crucial for getting raid ready as quickly as possible. You’ll want every gear upgrade you can get before the weekly and daily resets.

Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Raise Power Level Fast & Get Raid Ready

Tip 2: Try to Hold Off on Infusing, Collect Masterwork Cores

destiny 2 forsaken

Your new god in the Destiny 2: Forsaken endgame is the almighty Masterwork Core. For reasons unknown, Bungie has decided to make them a required ingredient in infusion. Meaning, the old days of constantly infusing your favorite gear is over unless you’ve amassed a stockpile of them pre-Forsaken. Planetary materials are also a requirement as well now, but that’s not too bad to farm as long as you have ghosts that can detect caches for you on each planet and do the daily challenges on planets received from the location vendor.

Your new routine is to go visit Spider every day, buy two Masterwork Cores for 30 legendary shards (the third brings the overall cost to 70 legendary shards and that’s not worth it), and then pray for drops. You can get them by chance when dismantling legendary gear, although that’s quite rare so don’t hold your breath. Finally, you can also rarely get an item called Finest Matteweave from dismantling gear, but again, quite rare.

Because of this, it’s best that you just keep/wear whatever your highest equipment is, even if it’s not your favorite, right up until it’s time to jump into the raid. Use all those hoarded Masterwork Cores to get your favorites to the highest power level you got, and then give the raid a go. There’s nothing other than high-end blind well tiers and possibly the Nightfall that you really need to be pushing your power level for. Don’t waste these crucial materials as they will help in making sure your gear is the way you want it, and that you’re raid ready.

Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Raise Power Level Fast & Get Raid Ready

Tip 3: Experiment With Legendaries and Dump the Junk, Don’t Horde

destiny 2 forsaken

Bringing the other two tips together is this final suggestion we have to offer on getting raid ready in Destiny 2. We don’t really know what to expect in the raid until it’s out, so it’s best, for now, to experiment with all the new equipment you’re getting and see if you develop any new favorite weapons.

There are random rolls again now so experiment with every gun you get, and if you at least somewhat like what you’re playing with, use it, or throw it in your vault if you’re really not sure, but if you don’t dump it right away now that Legendary Shards and Masterwork Cores are hot commodities again.

Same goes with armor as well. Mods aren’t super plentiful at the moment, so make sure to check out what Masterwork mod legendary armor that you’re getting has by inspecting it. If it’s something that’s going to be useful to you in some way, then great, keep it around and infuse it later down the road when it’s time. Otherwise, again unless you’re flush with cores, you should be dumping it.

There are so many ways to get legendary equipment now between high drop rates, bounties (check in with Spider for a host of bounties that offer legendary equipment), events and more, there’s really no good reason to hang onto them if you know it’s trash. Just hang onto guns with sick PvE rolls in your vault, even if it’s not your favorite, just in case it ends up being meta for an encounter we don’t know about yet.


That’s it for now on how to get your power level up fast and get raid ready in Destiny 2: Forsaken. If we come up with new and better ways to power up, we’ll be sure to update this guide.

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