Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get Heart of Inmost Light Exotic Titan Chest

How to Get the Heart of Inmost Light Exotic Titan Chest in Destiny 2 Forsaken

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Destiny 2 and its Year One expansions brought dozens of cool exotic armors and weapon that have their own unique perks. Those interested in getting their hands on more gear will be pleased with the Year 2 expansion, Destiny 2 Forsaken, as it adds much more new exotics for Guardians everywhere. Among the notable new exotics is the Heart of Inmost Light chest armor for Titans.

The Inmost Light Exotic armor will solidify your Titan as the tank for your Fireteam in Destiny 2 Forsaken. With this armor equipped, using grenades, melee attacks, or the Barricade ability will empower your Titan, granting you increased damage output and resistance. Additionally, the next ability you use while empowered will have a shorten cooldown time. Sounds neat, right?

The Heart of Inmost Light exotic might sound familiar for players of the original Destiny game, and for good reason. Bungie introduced the Helm of Inmost Light Titan exotic helmet during its Year 2 phase. While the Heart of Inmost Light chest armor in Destiny 2 Forsaken mainly provides passive abilities, the helm allowed players to dive headstrong onto enemies.

So, how do you get the Heart of Inmost Light? Just like most exotics in Destiny 2, this Titan chest armor can be obtained by opening exotic engrams. For those unaware, you can obtain exotic engrams by completing various activities such as Raids and Nightfall Strikes. You can even get exotic engrams by simply killing strong named enemies or completing matches in the Crucible. Getting the Heart of Inmost Light from exotic engram lies purely on luck, so simply keep enjoying the game until you get your hands on this Titan chest armor. Also, Xur could just sell it too for legendary shards.

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