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Praise be to Crab God

Crab God has a variety of different perks and blessings available, helping to ensure that every run in the roguelike strategy game is different. While the nature of the game makes it near-impossible for us to list every single perk and blessing available, here are just some of what you’ll find in the game, and how to get them. We’ve also outlined our choices for the best perks and blessings in Crab God.

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You can select a new perk whenever your crablings level up.

You can level up between levels by distributing the food you’ve earned in the level. Some of the food is automatically distributed, but if you have any left over you can select which crabs to feed. For this reason, it’s worth earning food past the requirement.

Crab God Perks Screen
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Each level will require a set amount of food to migrate to the next level, but you can in fact have twice that amount of food. Food can be generated by two methods as standard: it’ll be dropped by fish visiting your habitat, or you can defeat invading threats.

Whenever you level a crabling up, you’ll be able to choose from three random perks. These come in a variety of rarities, and it’s possible that you’ll see the same perks pop up several times with slightly different bonuses. However, more powerful versions often come with a significant downside. If possible, it’s a good idea to specialize your crabs into specific roles, but keep in mind that you won’t be guaranteed to have this option at every level.

Perks List

  • Reef Whisperer: Nearby Plants and Corals grow by 0.35 XP every 1 second, best friends with a Damsel Fish
  • Soft Touch: -20% Max Health, +40% Gardening Speed
  • Rock Forager: 100% chance to create food when destroying obstacles
  • Gotta Go Crab: +20% Movement Speed but has a chance of falling over when near other crablings.
  • The Simple Life: +10% Gardening Speed
  • Nippy Feet: Deals 3 damage to nearby Caulerpa and Green Mussels every 0.5 seconds
  • Crab the Builder: +20% Build Speed
  • Forbidden Food: 100% chance to create food when cleansing/creating Ritual Stones
  • Gourmet: Generates 1 favor when food is added to the stockpile
  • A Little Faster: +10% Movement Speed, -5% Gardening Speed, Missed their last birthday
  • Rumblecrab: +30% Max Health, -10% Attack Range
  • Sediment Sifter: 100% chance to create food when building walls
  • Cannonball Claws: +2 attack Splash Radius
  • Consecrated Crabling: +40% Worship Favor generation
  • Chef: Generates 3 favor when food is added to the stockpile, +10% Move Speed
  • Cargo Crab: +2 Carrying Capacity
  • Favored Gardener: Generates 2 food when cultivating
  • Turtle Shield: +70% Max Health, -20% Move Speed
  • Pistol Claws: +10% Attack Damage/Range
  • Quick Claw: +10% Attack Speed, Generates 5 favor when Smashing Clam
  • Aggro Crab: +2 Attack Splash Radius, Will not flee when threats get close, -30% Attack Range
  • Classy Worshipper: +20% Worship Favor Generation, +15% Role Cost
  • Crabpack: +1 Food Carry Capacity
  • Claw Fu: +20% Attack Speed, +15% Attack Damage
  • Quick Molting: -40% Role Cost, Frequently cries over spilt milk
  • Splashy Snips: +0.5% Attack Splash Radius, -20% Attack Damage
  • Unsmash: +40% Build Speed
  • Paddle Pounder: +1 Attack Splash Radius, -40% Attack Range, Terrified of Seagulls
  • Attention Seeker: Threats prioritize attacking this crabling over others, +60% Max Health
  • Sacred Protector: Generates 2 favor when killing a threat, Sometimes stops and sneezes when walking past plants
  • Algae Energy: +40% Gardening Speed, +10% Move Speed, Has a chance to fall over when near other crablings
  • Solar Sailor: +10% Gardening Speed, +15% Move Speed, Believes they were cursed by a sea witch
  • Holy Hitcrab: Generates 1 favor when killing a threat
  • Wave Rider: +10% Gardening Speed, +10% Max Health, +5% Move Speed

Best Perks

There are five distinct roles your crablings can take in Crab God, which you can switch between at any time in exchange for favor.

  • Builder: Builders can build walls, destroy obstacles, and crack open clams for favor. They can also attack enemies if necessary, but they’re not as powerful as hunters. (35 favor)
  • Gardener: Gardeners can grow plants and get rid of green mussels and Caulerpa (10 favor)
  • Hunter: Hunters can fight off threats, build traps, and attack dens within your habitat (25 favor)
  • Scavenger: Scavengers can collect food and dig up treasure (10 favor)
  • Worshipper: Worshippers can casually generate favor by worshipping the Crab God and create ritual stones (0 favor)

While the perks you’ll be able to choose from at every level will be randomized, it’s worth trying your best to specialize each crabling towards one or two roles. Here are our picks for the best perks we’ve found for each one.

  • Builder: Unsmash, Rock Forager, Sediment Sifter, Crab the Builder
  • Gardener: Wave Rider, Solar Sailor, Algae Energy, The Simple Life, Soft Touch, Favored Gardener
  • Hunter: Holy Hitcrab, Sacred Protector, Claw Fu, Quick Claws, Pistol Claws, Rumblecrab
  • Scavenger: Crabpack, Cargo Crab, Chef, Gourmet, Gotta go Crab
  • Worshipper: Consecrated Crabling, Classy Worshipper

Additionally, the following perks are always handy to pick up if you see them.

  • Quick Molting
  • Reef Whisperer
  • Nippy Feet


As you play the game, you’ll come across Ritual Stones in different levels. You can see how many are available on the level select screen.

Cleansing a ritual stone with a Worshipper will result in you being offered a selection of tasks to complete in order to carry out the ritual. These tasks can involve an offering of food or favor, having certain plants, or having certain animals.

Of the criteria, the animals is likely the trickiest to complete. To attract fish, you’ll need to have the right combination of plants and animals to meet that animal’s needs. Doing the same with the animal’s wants will double the animal’s population.

For example, to attract Blue Tang to your habitat, you’ll need bubble kelp. However, you can double the population if you also grow 10 seagrass.

This gets tricky when we consider that some rituals may require animals whose needs are more complicated, as there are a finite number of gardening spots on each level, and each can only grow a selection of plants and corals. You can upgrade each one up to twice (if you have the right perks), but it may not be possible to complete all rituals at once. For this reason, it’s worth looking at the rituals needed for each stone and deciding which to tackle first, and getting rid of what you don’t need if necessary.

Crab God Blessings Selection
Image Source: Firesquid via IGDB

Occasionally, you’ll come across Ritual Stones of Preservation. These special stones do more than impact your game, they impact the real world, too! A portion of every sale will be added to the Eco Fund, and performing a Preservation Ritual will let you decide which of the five funds a portion of the Eco Fund will go towards.

  • Saving Baby Sea Turtles
  • Removing Ocean Plastic
  • Propagating Baby Corals
  • Planting Trees
  • Protecting Marine Areas

Only a limited number of these Stones appear each month, and you’ll receive a certificate at the end of each month where you’ve completed a Preservation Ritual. You’ll also receive a random blessing after completing the ritual. For this reason, it’s always worth making these special stones a priority, as it allows you to affect real change.

Blessing List

  • Trap Tactics: Hunters can build traps that damage ground threats
  • Feeding Frenzy: Gives 100 Food One Time
  • Wall Tactics: Builders can build walls to impede ground threats
  • Cross-Pollination: -31% Role Cost
  • Revelation of Upgrading: Gardeners can upgrade plants and corals to level 3
  • Holy Hubris: Gives 200 Food one time, +100% Threat Health, +40% Threat Attack Damage
  • Revelation of Cultivation: Gardeners can cultivate plants for Favor and corals for Food
  • Sacred Mending: Restores 25% health to the Sacred Egg
  • Sacred Rejuvenation: Restores 50% health to the Sacred Egg
  • Favor Fiesta: Gives 800 favor one time
  • Hot-Blooded: +80% Attack Speed
  • Telescopic Eyestalks: +20% Attack Range
  • Versatile Snail Juice: Gives 150 favor one time, Gives 20 food one time
  • Swissarmy Crab: -50% Role Cost
  • Plants Move: +15% Gardening Speed

Best Blessings

Unlike perks, blessing will affect the whole colony. Here are our favorites.

  • Trap Tactics
  • Wall Tactics
  • Swissarmy Crab
  • Cross-Pollination
  • Revelation of Cultivation
  • Revelation of Upgrading

Of these, Revelation of Upgrading is potentially the best, as it allows you to grow more plants and corals in the same spots, helping to maintain a rich and diverse habitat. In turn, this will attract more wildlife and generate more food. However, Trap Tactics and Wall Tactics should be your first priority, as these will allow you to more effectively fight off any threats.

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