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Conan Exiles: How to Get Bark


Conan Exiles: How to Get Bark

How to Get Bark – Conan Exiles

Bark is an essential material in Conan Exiles, used to craft a number of items throughout the game. Getting this resource can be a bit of a pain though, even if it seems like an obviously obtained material.

Bark is, as you may have guessed, harvested from trees throughout Conan Exiles. If you happen to find yourself in a place barren of trees, try following the stone paths scattered throughout the area. These will often lead to more resource-intensive locations, that most often include trees.

Once you find a tree, you can hit it with a harvesting tool to collect resources, though you may notice that the drop rate of bark is very low when doing so. Most of the time, trees will fall and only have rewarded you stacks of wood. If you’re using an axe to cut down the tree, try instead switching to a pick. Many players report higher bark appearance when using picks on trees rather than axes.

That’s all there is to getting bark in Conan Exiles. Find trees, hit trees, hit trees with picks sometimes. Keep at it, and you should have a pocket full of wood pulp in no time. Good luck!

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