Coin Master, how to get more spins

Coin Master: How to Get More Spins

Free Coin Master Spins for everyone!

Coin Master is a mobile game that’s all about raiding villages, upgrading your facilities, and using the slot machine. Using the machine is a great way to get more resources in the game, although there are only a number of times you can use it. If you want extra materials and coins, here’s how to get more spins in Coin Master.

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The slot machine is one of the most valuable features in the game, especially since you can get coins to update your base. On top of that, you can also get extra materials to raid other villages for a chance to earn even more coins.

How to Get More Spins in Coin Master

If you’ve already used up your free spins for the day, there are actually a few ways you can get more in Coin Master:

  • Watch Advertisements. The game has some ads you can watch by checking the bottom right side of your screen during the slot machine. You should see an energy capsule there indicating that you can watch an ad for another go at the machine.
  • Connecting to Social Media. Like some mobile games, Coin Master allows you to connect your account to your Facebook profile. Doing so lets you invite your friend to play the game, which nets you 40 extra spins.
  • Send friends gifts. Whenever you gift your friend 10,000 coins, you’ll get one free spin in return in Coin Master.
  • Make the most out of special events. Whenever the game launches limited events or giveaways, there’s a chance you can nab some spins as a reward.
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  • You’ll get five more spins for every hour that passes when your Spins goes below 50. This can be 60, 70 or even up to 120 depending on how many Spins you’re able to save. You’ll no longer receive free spins if you’ve hit your maximum number of saved spins.
  • Completing a card set will net you rewards that always include Free Spins in Coin Master. However, we recommend waiting for a “Set Blast” event, as these will net you between 30-50% more rewards for completing a card set.
  • Every time you complete a village, you’ll be given Spins, Coins and a Chest. However, much long completing a card set, we’d recommend you wait for the ‘Village Master’ and ‘Build Rush’ events. The first will net you more rewards which can be up to 1,000 free spins, while the other will give you bonus rewards for building or repairing buildings in your village.

That said, you can also choose to get more spins by paying real money for it. You can also purchase coins the same way as well if you ever run low on supplies.

That’s about everything you should know regarding how to get more spins in Coin Master. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We have more guides to help you build your base and raid other villages.

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