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Coin Master: How to Get Coins & What They’re Used For

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In a game called Coin Master, it’s no surprise that the entire concept of the game revolves around the use of coins. Here’s how to get coins in Coin Master and what they’re used for.

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If you’ve never played the ever-popular mobile game for Android and iOS, Coin Master is basically a hodgepodge of mobile games crammed into a slot machine. You fend off attackers, build a village, manage resources and spin slot machines to make all of this happen.

Every day, you’re given an allotted amount of slot machine spins and sometimes those spins end with coins, chests, cards and more, and other times, they end with nothing but sadness. Such is life.

When you run out of spins, things don’t have to be over as there are other ways to earn more and it’s in the name of the game.

How to Get More Coins in Coin Master

To get coins, you need to log into Coin Master every day. That’s because the more you play the game, the higher your chances of earning additional coin.

Each day that you login, you’ll be greeted to a daily bonus. Spin the daily bonus and wait to see what the arrow lands on.

Sometimes it lands on 50,000 and other times, it might land on 1 million. It’s always random so never get your hopes up too high.

You can also earn them in chests that can be purchased throughout the game. Beyond the daily bonus and chests, though, you’ll have to resort to using real-world money to purchase this in-game currency.

By going to the store, you can purchase a number of different packs at differing prices to get what you need.

Alternatively, you can check out our list of links for free Coin Master Coins and Spins, to give you a nice, hefty bonus each and every day that you play. There are often four or five new links every day that will offer up a range of free coins or spins, so we’d recommend taking all of them. Even free spins can result in more coins, so it’s a winner all-round.

What Are Coins Used For?

Coins can be used in a number of different ways. Most importantly, they can be used to purchase additional spins and considering you’re only given a set number of spins each day, the ability to purchase more comes in handy.

You can also use them to purchase new structures for you village. Doing so will increase your village which increases the potential for more rare chests.

Finally, chests can be used to repair your village.

As you play the game, other players will attack your village, but by using coins, you can continue to keep your village healthy and repaired.

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