How to Get Food and How to Use It in Coin Master

Coin Master: How to Get Food & How to Use it

Keep your pet well-fed!

Food is an important resource in Coin Master as it keeps the most important thing in the game, your pet, happy. Here’s how to get food in Coin Master and how to use it.

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Your pets are not just awesome because they’re cute and adorable — they also provide to you, the player, some really awesome perks before and after raids. More predator-like pets such as the Tiger will yield to you more coins when you attack an enemy village while other pets, like the Rhino, are more defensive in that they can block incoming attacks for you.

Your pets can only do these sorts of things, though, when they’re awake and energized. Just like real pets, Coin Master pets get tired and require sleep.

During these moments, you won’t be able to use your pets and that’s not good, especially if it’s time for a raid. This is where food comes in.

Food, or snacks and pet treats (as they’re called in the game), can be given to your pet to re-energize it and get it back awake to fighting shape.

You can’t feed a pet without food, though.

How to Get Food in Coin Master

There are two main ways to get food in Coin Master and if you’ve learned the ropes of this game, you likely already know what these two main ways are. Similar to virtually everything else done in Coin Master, you have to either pay up some real money or make some spins.

If you have some spins, use them and there’s a chance you’ll earn some food via the game’s slot machines. Food isn’t uncommon so it shouldn’t take long to acquire enough food to feed your pet.

If you’re inpatient, have money to spend or are dwelling in-game with a combination of both, head to the game’s store. There, you can spend real-life money on in-game things like additional spins and food.

Another option is to login every day. Doing so will get you a daily login reward, and there’s a chance that you’ll get a bunch of pet food in Coin Master from this.

How to Use Coin Master Food

To use the food, simply select your pet and then select the feed option. This will allow you to feed your pet some snacks and as a result, you should see the pet get up and ready for yet another Coin Master raid.

That tells you everything you need to know about how to get and use food in Coin Master. 

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