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Clover Retribution is one of many Roblox titles based on manga and anime, this time taking inspiration from the world of Black Clover. As with any RPG, leveling up is crucial if you want to stand a chance as the game gets more difficult. Here’s our Clover Retribution level guide, with everything you need to know about leveling up.

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How to Level Up in Clover Retribution

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As with many Roblox RPGs, the level cap in Clover Retribution is higher than you might see on other platforms. The maximum level you can achieve in the game is 250, something that will require a significant time investment.

There are several methods you can use to farm experience.

  • Completing Quests – First and foremost completing daily quests, main quests, and repeatable quests will reward you with plenty of experience that will help you level up quickly. Additionally, you’ll earn plenty of gold you can spend on new gear.
  • Events – Take part in any events you’re able to. In addition to experience and gold, these events often let you earn unique drops.
  • Minibosses and Elite Foes – These will appear throughout your time in Clover Retribution. These powerful enemies will pose a real challenge, but the good news is that you don’t have to face them alone – bring in a couple of friends and you’ll all benefit from the rewards.
  • Capital Siege – This is the only dungeon in Clover Retribution at the moment, but it has plenty of experience on offer. You can challenge the dungeon on Easy, Normal, or Hard mode, with the higher difficulty levels imposing limited lives. This is the most lucrative source of XP in the game, but you’ll need to be at least level 90 before you can attempt it.
  • Aetherstone Raid – The Aetherstone Raid is a challenging one with DPS checks and a number of different phases, but with plenty of experience on offer.

Clover Retribution Level Unlocks

Of course, with the most lucrative source of XP locked behind level 90, you’ll want to get there as soon as possible.

Your first priority is to head to the Grasslands Forest as soon as possible to defeat the Alpha Wolf. Doing this will unlock the Broom, allowing you to travel across the map at greater speed.

  • 0-20: At the Grasslands Forest, find a quest giver near a bridge to pick up the Help the mysterious stranger quest.
  • 20-40: Head to Clover Capital and find an ogre with a purple aura. Defeating him will earn plenty of experience.
  • 40-60: In Clover Capital, head into the city and find a quest giver near the stairs. He’ll task you with defeating six Wolf Hunters. You’ll find these in the forest outside the city wall.
  • 60-70: Find a glowing orange portal in the starting area. This portal leads to Riddlebone Realm, where you can pick up a quest to defeat pumpkins.
  • 70-80: Still in Riddlebone Realm, find a tree you can investigate in an area with webs in the trees. You’ll find a quest to defeat corrupted skeletons.
  • 80-90: In Riddlebone Realm, near the last quest, you’ll find a church with glowing red windows. Head downstairs to pick up a quest to defeat a Riddlebone. You’ll need 25 strength points to open the door. If you head upstairs you’ll find another quest to bring Dan his missing arm, which you can grab as part of defeating Riddlebone.

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