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Civilization VI Tips Guide: How to Win Each Victory


Civilization VI Tips Guide: How to Win Each Victory

Civilization VI once again allows players to conquer the times and defeat their competitive civilizations through a variety of ways. You’ll be able to decide how you want to play (and win), thus shaping what you do. This leads to many outcomes, strategies, and memories, and is one of the reasons why Civilization VI reigns supreme in the strategy genre. This time around, you can win in five different ways: science, culture, domination, religion, and score. Let’s go over each one, and you’ll be the one to decide which victory suits your playstyle best.

Science Victory in Civilization VI


The science victory makes its return, but it doesn’t work the same as it did before. Now, you’ll need to work through the tech tree and get to Rocketry, where you will have the ability to build Spaceports. These are necessary for the victory conditions, as they’re what will allow your city to work on the first project and step necessary to win: launch satellite. Do that, and you’ll be one out of three steps ready.

After researching Rocketry, make sure you now make your way to researching Satellites. Once you do, you can then do project Moon Landing in the city (or cities) with a Spaceport. That’s step number two.

The final step will have you colonizing Mars and is a bit of a doozey in the technology department. You need to research Robotics, Nanotechnology, and Nuclear Fission in order to be able to then produce the necessary parts of the spaceship: Reactor, Habitation, and Hydroponics Module. It’s good to have multiple cities with Spaceports, as it will allow you to build all of these parts simultaneously without waiting.

Once you’ve launched them all, congratulations, you won the space race and the game. This is by far the longest victory in Civilization VI, so it might be smart for you to set off other victory conditions in your game settings, to allow you the time to win by science.

If you need in-depth tips on the Science Victory, check out our guide.

Culture Victory in Civilization VI


Culture victory in Civilization VI follows Brave New World’s formatting; you can win once you have a tourist trap center of the world. You’re going to want to garner up as many tourists as possible. In order to win, you need to have more visiting tourists than every other civilization’s domestic tourists. This means keeping in mind all of the things that bring culture and tourists to your cities. Keep up with trade routes, open border policies, Policy Cards, holy sites, national parks, and wonders.

Strive to attract as many Great Writers, Artists, and Musicians as you can, and have them house Great Works in your cities to be irresistible to tourists. Also keep an eye out for artifacts that you scavenge and bring back to your city. Make sure to make national parks, seaside resorts, and wonders as quickly as possible, and you’ll win in no time. It all boils down to culture, so just zero in on Theater Districts for each of your cities.

Domination Victory in Civilization Vi


The Domination Victory may sound daunting, but when you really think about what it takes, you may feel a bit more soothed. To win by domination, simply be the last player holding on to your original capital city. That’s it. You won’t need to take over every city. You don’t need to nuke them into infinity. No, simply go right after the capital and make sure to make it yours. Additionally, don’t lose your own capital, no matter what. If you do, you will automatically not be able to win the Domination victory. You will have to settle for any of the other four victories.

Religious Victory in Civilization VI

Civilization VI India Gandhi

Have you ever wanted to convert the entirety of a civilization to your way of thinking? Well, this victory is for you. It’s time to spread your faith with the victory condition that’s replaced the Diplomatic one from the last game. It’s also a bit of a challenge, too. In order to win, you’ll need to have the most dominant religion across the land. You don’t need every civilization’s city to follow the religion you founded, but the majority of their cities do.

Your religion will spread by just settling near civilizations, but ultimately, if you want to win, you’ll need to focus on your religion output. Your apostles and missionaries will be the ones that will help your religion spread even faster. Thus, you’ll need to focus on your holy site district, certain Policy Cards, and envoy deals that will help you output a ton of faith every turn.

Score Victory in Civilization VI

Civilization VI leader americans roosevelt

And finally, you can win by a Score Victory. This is basically the victory that happens once you’ve reached the limit of turns in a match. Whoever scores the highest based on the number of civics, your population, cities, technologies, wonders, military, great people, and beliefs. You basically, if you want to win this way, need to be good all-around, and stay atop of the game in comparison to your competitors. But, odds are you’ll win another way. Unless you turn off all those settings and make scoring the only way to win.

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