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Civilization VI: The Best Leaders For Culture Victory


Civilization VI: The Best Leaders For Culture Victory

Civilization VI Brings back the culture victory with its Brave New World twist. You’ll need to boost up your cities’ tourism and become a cultural phenomenon in order to take home the gold here. But which civilizations and leaders will help you do this quickly? Let’s take a look.

Catherine de Medici (France)

Catherine is a good choice as she gives a boost in production towards wonders, which naturally, people will want to travel far and wide to see and marvel at the culture of them. Additionally, she allows for Chateaus to be built once the appropriate research requirements are met, which give plus one culture, plus two culture if next to a wonder, and plus one gold if next to a luxury resource.

Cleopatra (Egypt)

Cleopatra gives a boost in production to her civilization, allowing you to build wonders and districts faster, if they’re next to a river, that is.

Gorgo (Greece)

You’ll need to be okay with dominating some enemies if you wish to pursue a culture victory with Gorgo. He allows combat victories to provide culture points equal to 50% of the combat strength of the defeated unit. This can stack up, especially in the early game when you’re defeating barbarians left and right. Additionally, you’re given one extra WIldcard policy slot to any government, which could mean adding in another culture-filled card.

Mvemba a Nzinga (Kongo)

Mvemba means business with the bonuses he gives from relics, artifacts, and sculptures, but what will really help you towards the culture victory is that you’ll get double Great Writer, Great Artist, Great Musician, and Great Merchant points. Additionally, more Great Works slots in your Palace.

Pedro II (Brazil)

Pedro is optimal for the culture victory. After you recruit a great person, 20% of the points will be refunded. Additionally, the Carnival project you get allows you to get a variety of great people points every time you complete it.

Pericles (Greece)

Pericles gives you a nice, albeit small, boost to culture if you like befriending city-states. If you’re very cool with them (get them to the highest friendship level, Suzerain), you’ll gain 5% culture per each one.

There you have it; those are the six civilizations you might want to keep in mind when you’re setting out to win by a culture victory. Just keep in mind the right tech tree options, civics, and buildings (theater district for the win), and you’ll get it in no time.

For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s wiki for Civilization VI guides!

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