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Cheapest 83, 84 & 85 Rated Players for SBCs in FIFA 23

Great players for cheap in FIFA 23.

Despite approaching EA Sports FC and the latter stages of FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team life cycle, SBCs remain integral to earning rewards in FUT. They can be complex and tough to build on the cheap though – that’s where we come in. Here, we’re running through the cheapest 83, 84 and 85 OVR card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for your SBCs.

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Needless to say, these prices can (and will) change as the FUT market fluctuates but, in general, these are your best SBC fodder options right now.

Cheapest 83 OVR Players in FUT 23

PlayerCard TypeApproximate Cost
FabiánGold Rare900
Jesús NavasGold Rare950
Luis AlbertoGold Rare950
AngeliñoGold Rare950
Mikel MerinoGold Rare950
KokeGold Rare950
Duván ZapataGold Rare950
Gregor KobelGold Rare950
José GiménezGold Rare950
FernandoGold Rare950

Cheapest 84 OVR Players in FUT 23

PlayerCard TypeApproximate Cost
Jack GrealishGold Rare3,200
Dušan TadićGold Rare3,200
Giorgio ChielliniGold Rare3,200
Alejandro GómezGold Rare3,200
Dusan VlahovićGold Rare3,300
Joel MatipGold Rare3,300
Mason MountGold Rare3,300
Leonardo BonucciGold Rare3,400
Ángel Di MaríaGold Rare3,400
Moussa DiabyGold Rare3,400

Cheapest 85 OVR Players in FUT 23

PlayerCard TypeApproximate Cost
Péter GulácsiGold Rare9,500
PedriGold Rare9,500
Nabil FekirGold Rare9,500
Iago AspasGold Rare9,500
Gerard MorenoGold Rare9,600
Filip KostićGold Rare9,600
Jordi AlbaGold Rare9,600
Patrik SchickGold Rare9,600
Pierre-Emerick AubameyangGold Rare9,700
Diogo JotaGold Rare9,700
Marcos AcuñaGold Rare9,700

There you have it – the cheapest 83, 84 and 85 OVR cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, perfect for completing SBCs. We’ll be keeping this list updated ahead of EA Sports FC, so be sure to check back to stay in the know with the cheapest options in FUT 23.

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