Charizard 12/108 from Pokemon TCG's Evolutions set

Charizard EX 12/108 Evolutions Pokemon Card Value

Here's the current value of Pokemon Evolutions Charizard 12/108.

Charizard has always been a fan-favorite in the Pokemon franchise and more than carries over into the Pokemon Trading Card Game, with Charizard being one of the most popular, rare, and expensive cards to collect in multiple Pokemon TCG expansion sets. Pokemon TCG XY: Evolutions has become one of the most popular expansion sets to date due to the replication of the old classic Base Set artwork on many of the cards. While at first, the set wasn’t popular, it gave collectors a chance to collect fresh from the packet Base Set artwork at a fraction of the price of genuine Base Set cards.

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With Base Set Charizard’s value being one of the most expensive trading cards in existence, it’s only natural that any Charizard cards in the XY: Evolutions set became very collectible and skyrocketed in value. One of these valuable Charizard cards is the Charizard EX, numbered 12/108 in the set. Here’s everything you need to know about the price and value of this card as of 2022.

How Much Is Charizard EX 12/108 Worth? Explained

As of 2022, Charizard EX 12/108 appears to be valued at anywhere from $40 USD and upwards. Following the sales history of the card on, PSA 8-9 seems to the sale for around this $40 price on average. However, a mint condition PSA 10 Charizard EX is capable of selling from approximately $80 USD all the way up to $225 USD.

Charizard EX Card 12/108 XY Evolutions
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That’s everything you need to know about the value of the XY Evolutions Charizard 12/108 Pokemon Card. For more Pokemon TCG Content, check out the rest of our topics here at Twinfinite. We have all sorts of information for your collecting needs, such as the best cards to pull from Sword and Shield: Brilliant Starsall Pokemon TCG sets listed, and how to sell Pokemon Cards as a collector.

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