Can Your Turn Off Crossplay in Modern Warfare 2

Can Your Turn Off Crossplay in Modern Warfare 2? Answered

Here's how to turn off crossplay.

The enormous Call of Duty player base spans PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and cross-platform functionality ensures you can play with your friends regardless of which platform they’re on. But sometimes you’d rather limit a server to only those on the same platform as your own; unfortunately, that isn’t as easy as it should be in the latest game. Here’s whether you can turn off crossplay in Modern Warfare 2.

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Turning Off Crossplay in Modern Warfare 2

Yes, you can turn off crossplay in Modern Warfare 2, but strangely only on Xbox and PlayStation, and it’s much easier on the latter.

On PlayStation versions of Modern Warfare 2, it’s very obviously signposted within the in-game menu. Just go to the settings > account and network > Crossplay on/off

For whatever reason, though, that same Crossplay toggle in-game isn’t there on Xbox and PC. Fear not, though, you can still turn off crossplay by accessing your system settings.

On Xbox, you’ll have to access your Xbox Live Privacy settings in your Xbox settings tab:  

Online safety & family > Privacy & online safetyXbox Live privacy > View details & customize > Communication & multiplayer > Block/Allow

Unfortunately, PC players have no ability to switch crossplay on or off, which is absolutely bizarre and something we expect Infinity Ward to quickly resolve.

For now, that’s everything there is to know about whether you can turn off crossplay in Modern Warfare 2. For more tips and guides on the game, including how to fix the pesky audio bug, search Twinfinite or check out the related content listed below.

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