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Can You Replay Missions in Halo Infinite? Answered

A guide that answers whether or not you can replay missions in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite is yet another continuation of Master Chief’s story, a hero with an ever-expanding laundry list of good deeds and a bulwark for humanity. Of course, Halo Infinite isn’t short on action, nor does it skimp on memorable moments and impressive set pieces. That begs the question: can you replay missions in Halo Infinite? The answer is a tad complicated.

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Can You Replay Missions in Halo Infinite? Answered

No, you cannot replay missions in the current official version of Halo Infinite. Why so specific? The option to replay missions simply hasn’t been released yet, not until 343 Industries makes it official in an update.

With that said, if you have access to the preview build of Halo Infinite, then you are able to test out the replay mission feature. Here’s what you do:

  1. Open the TacMap.

    If you’re using an Xbox controller, it’s the View/Select button by default.

  2. Locate a mission you’ve completed, highlight it, then press the default button for Missions Options.

    You can find the button prompt along the bottom of the TacMap. If you’re using an Xbox controller, it’s X by default.

  3. Now select Replay Mission, located below the mission briefing.

    At this point, you’re also given settings to tinker with to your heart’s content, such as the mission difficulty.

It should be noted that you can replay missions in Halo Infinite at nearly any point in time. The progress of your current mission will be saved, meaning you can stop what you’re doing, go back and replay another mission, then resume your journey right where you left off.

There you have it, everything you need to know about replaying missions in Halo Infinite, answered. Need more Halo Infinite content? Check our Twinfinite’s guide on checking the Halo Infinite server status, then hop on over to find out what Halo Infinite could learn from Halo 3.

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