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Burning Ashes New Era Trello Link (July 2024)

Get to grips with the Trello!

Looking for the Burning Ashes New Era Trello link? This Roblox RPG has some of the deepest mechanics on the platform, so getting to grips with it isn’t easy. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a link to the game’s Trello board, alongside an explanation of what’s on there.

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Click here for the Burning Ashes New Era Trello board.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as simply clicking the link and diving straight in. At the time of writing (July 1), the board is locked to new members. You can’t just click the link and dive in.

Instead, you’ll need to input your email and request access from the mods. There’s no guarantee they’ll accept, so it could be a case of just waiting for it to go public again.

Once you eventually get in, be sure to press the star icon at the top-left to add the board to your favorites. That way, you’re only ever one click away from it each time you go onto the website. Equally, it should ensure you can get access even if the board is subsequently closed off again.

The lobby in Burning Ashes New Era.
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What Is on the Burning Ashes New Era Trello?

Since we can’t currently access the Burning Ashes New Era Trello board, we don’t know exactly what it includes. That said, you’re bound to find columns detailing all the classes, weapons, enemies, and NPCs in the game.

The most useful column will no doubt list all of the breathing styles available in Burning Ashes New Era. These equippable styles alter the kind of moves on offer for each build, but are usually only accessible at the very highest levels. Use the Trello to read up on all of the breathing styles to see which ones are accessible at your level and what they do.

Alongside that, we can expect to see columns listing the various katanas you can use, which all have different stats and unlock requirements. The same can be said for the abilities you randomly spin for. These have effects ranging from instant health regeneration when triggered to spin attacks that do AoE damage.

That’s everything we know about the Burning Ashes New Era Trello link! For more Roblox, check out the Type Soul Trello and Clover Retribution Trello link. We’ve also got Onikami Legacy codes and Clover Rebirth codes.

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