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Blair Witch: How to Start the Steam Donkey & Move the Fallen Log

blair witch steam donkey

Blair Witch: How to Start the Steam Donkey & Move the Fallen Log

On Ellis’ quest to find missing child Thomas, he’ll find himself riding a little cart towards the Sawmill. Of course, nothing goes to plan in the Black Hills Forest, and a huge tree has fallen across the rails and blocks the path. You’ll need to start the nearby Steam Donkey to move it out of the way in Blair Witch, so here’s how you do just that.

Starting the Steam Donkey in Blair Witch

First things first, you’ll want to go and investigate the Steam Donkey yourself. You’ll be able to find a found footage tape on the table next to the little hut called ‘The Machine.’

It’s an instructional video that shows how to use the Steam Donkey, but before you can use it, you’ll need to find a spare valve and a pressure gauge.

To do this, you’re going to need to use ‘The Machine’ found footage tape and pause it when the door of the hut by the Steam Donkey opens. This will open the door for Ellis to investigate.

Head inside and you can find the whereabouts of a spare valve and pressure gauge.

Getting the Steam Donkey Pressure Gauge

First, make your way south, past your trapped cart and the fallen tree and follow the rail. This will take you to the maintenance shed. Be careful here, as you’ll be ambushed by some creatures, so keep Bullet nearby and watch where he’s looking to keep track of the creature’s movements.

Once the creatures are taken care of, head towards the maintenance shed. You can head inside to grab a collectible, but what you want to do is head around the back of the building and look through the window.

blair witch steam donkey pressure gauge

You should be given a prompt to command Bullet to pick up an item on the floor. He’ll head through the gap in the wall on the opposite end of this room and grab it for you. That’s the pressure gauge acquired.

Getting the Spare Valve for Steam Donkey in Blair Witch

From the maintenance shed, you want to head back to the rail track and continue heading south towards Camp B’s Steam Donkey. When you arrive here, you’ll need to take care of more of the creatures, as well as seeking out a replacement fuse to get the lights back on.

The fuse can be found in a red toolbox over to the left once you’re on the wooden decking leading you to Camp B’s Steam Donkey. Head back to the fuse box and replace the fuse to get the lights back on.

blair witch fuse

After that, it’s simply a case of following the winding path up the hill until you reach the Steam Donkey. Walk over to its left side and interact with spare valve to take it and add it to your inventory.

steam donkey spare valve

Make your way back to Camp A’s Steam Donkey to get it fired up and move that tree.

Moving the Tree with the Steam Donkey in Blair Witch

With both the spare valve and pressure gauge acquired, walk back over to Camp A’s Steam Donkey and you should be given on-screen prompts to interact with it and attach the parts.

Once they’re on, you need to get ‘The Machine’ found footage tape playing again. When the guy on the tape fires up the Steam Donkey, pause your tape. It should light the Steam Donkey’s fire in real life.

Move round to the right-hand side, and begin turning the valve right. You should see the pressure gauge beginning to rise.

starting the steam donkey in blair witch

You want to keep it in the green, and you can do this by moving the valve left and right. Continue to do this until the tree is completely moved out of the way.

To summarize,

  1. Get the ‘The Machine’ tape

    This can be found from the bench next to the small hut by Camp A’s Steam Donkey.

  2. Head to the Maintenance Shed to get the Pressure Gauge

    Go around the back of the shed and look through the window. You can instruct Bullet to get the pressure gauge lying on the floor for you.

  3. Go to Camp B and replace the fuse

    It can be found in the red toolbox in a northwest direction from where you walk into this area.

  4. Get the Spare Valve from Camp B’s Steam Donkey

    Head up the winding path to the top of the hill and interact with the valve to remove it.

  5. Return to Camp A and attach the parts to the Steam Donkey.

  6. Use ‘The Machine’ tape and pause it when the guy lights the fire

  7. Turn the spare valve to increase the pressure

    Keep it in the green on the pressure gauge until the log has been completely moved out of the way.

That’s everything you need to know on how to start the Steam Donkey in Blair Witch and move the tree. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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