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Best SR Characters in Goddess of Victory: Nikke

These are the best SR characters in Nikke.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is finally available on mobile devices, and while the game is free-to-play, it’s still a gacha game at its core, which means that you’ll need to hope that RNG favors you if you want some good units. However, some of the SR units in the game can actually carry you pretty far. With that in mind, here are the best SR characters in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

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Goddess of Victory: Nikke Best SR Characters

The SR pool in Nikke is very small at the moment, but there are five characters in particular that will make great additions to your squad:

  • Rapi
  • Neon
  • N102
  • Anis
  • Belorta

These five characters are especially important for F2P players who may not necessarily be able to drop any money on the game to get the more sought-after SSR units. Even if your gacha luck isn’t there, you should be able to limit break all the SSR units and get them to the 160 level cap over time at least.


rapi in nikke
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Rapi is the SR queen of Nikke. As a Burst III Assault Rifle user, she’s going to be your main damage dealer and carry DPS for most of the campaign. Her raw damage output is nothing to scoff at, as she’s able to buff herself up with FF Formation and Warhead Volley.

Her Missile skill does a considerable amount of damage to one enemy, while also inflicting Taunt so protect her team for a few seconds.


belorta in nikke
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As a Rocket Launcher user, Belorta is just a great addition to your Nikke squad as she can take out groups of enemies at once. She can debuff the enemy’s defense, while also increasing her team’s charging speed to allow for more DPS.


neon in nikke
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Neon is another great SR buffer, and she works especially well with Shotgun users. She can increase the Critical Rate of her entire team, and also deals large amounts of burst damage to nearby enemies.

She is a bit limited in range as she’s a Shotgun user, but her Critical Rate buffs are definitely useful.


anis in nikke
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Anis will be your SR tank in Nikke, at least until you get a better defender like Ludmilla. She doesn’t offer a ton of damage capabilities, but she is able to increase her defense stat massively in the middle of the battle. Her CH Formation skill also lets her share team damage taken for 10 seconds, giving you a chance to recover for the next attack.


n103 in nikke
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Finally, N103 will buff your team’s Charge Damage and Attack stat, and she synergizes pretty well with both Rapi and Belorta. The only downside here is that she’s yet another Rocket Launcher user, so you may need to choose between her and Belorta when putting your squad together.

That’s all you need to know about who the best SR characters are in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including our full reroll guide, No Caller ID event guide, and tips on playing the game in landscape mode on PC.

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