Best Smoke Grenade Spots on Dust 2 in CS:GO

Ten excellent smoke grenade placements you can learn that will elevate your game faster than you'd believe.

If you play Counter-Strike, you’ll realize it pays off to spend some time learning the maps. More than that, knowing where to provide concealment and actively destroying your enemy’s line of sight, or ability to move, will win you games. Investing into your utility pays off, here are the best smoke grenade spots on Dust 2 in CS:GO.

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For those wondering, these smokes will work on any type of tick rate server (124, 64, etc.).

Terrorist Smokes

Cat Smoke (X-box)

A visual representation of how to throw the Cat Smoke (X-box).
Image Source: Twinfinite

Starting with perhaps the most important smoke location on the map, here is how you smoke off X-box so you can cross the catwalk.

  1. Right from the T spawn, line up on the crease at the intersection of the wall and railing perpendicular to the mid-tunnel.
  2. Raise your mouse to the upper left corner of the inner window frame, then move slightly to the right.
  3. From here jump-throw a smoke grenade and it will land on X-box every time.

Long A Doors

A visual representation of how to throw the Long A Doors smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

Smoking the corner watching over T entrance for A long is crucial if the other team has an AWP. If you are reluctant to throw the smoke, you will most likely die immediately and the enemy will reload behind the wall– ready to shoot again. Throw this smoke to push A at all times past the third round!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go down to the second dip in the railing from T spawn, and line up with the edge so it is flat.
  2. Place your mouse on the smudge behind the pipe.
  3. Jump-throw your smoke grenade for a perfect landing every time.

It will land as pictured below blocking any sniper’s view.

An image depicting exactly where the Long A doors smoke grenade will land.
Image Source: Twinfinite

Mid to B-Site

A visual representation of how to throw the Mid to B-site smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

B-tunnels too dangerous to push? Tired of getting flatlined when you exit the corridor shaking? Fear not, simply head to B from the middle lane once you land this smoke directly in the Counter Terrorist spawn and split the map in half.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Stand in the corner of X-box.
  2. Aim directly in the middle of the two ropes on the box, crosshair lined with the edge.
  3. Throw the grenade, but do not jump.

This smoke will prevent enemies from directly rotating from A to B. It will also prevent them from shooting you in the back. If you simply think about all the spots you don’t want to be shot from, you will learn good smoke grenade concepts quite quickly!

B Doors Smoke

A visual representation of how to throw the B Doors smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

The first thing that’s going to happen when the CT’s on B-site hear the entirety of your team frantically running through the ruins is a rotation. The person who is also, without exception, watching Middle/Cat-walk will appear within the B-doors to shoot you instantaneously.

Land this smoke and prevent that:

  1. Get in the corner of the ruins, directly where the green line is showing in the visual.
  2. Crouch.
  3. Aim at the top left corner of the hole in the ceiling as shown.
  4. Throw the grenade, but do not stand nor jump.

A simple one, right?

An image showing exactly where the B Doors smoke will land.
Image Source: Twinfinite

B Tunnel Exit Smoke

A fantastic smoke grenade placement that pairs well with the previous entry is this smoke. Simply put, this placement blinds the entire back section of B site looking directly down the tunnel– but it does not blind you. If it blinds the enemy, but not you, it’s the perfect smoke grenade.

  1. Direct the center of your crosshair down the tunnel, specifically over the left edge of the exit.
  2. Move your crosshair a quarter of the way up (25 percent of the wall’s height.)
  3. Run forward, and throw the grenade as you do so.

If paired together, you will eliminate over half of the locations the enemy can directly visualize you. Typically, the problem of B tunnels is you run into a firing squad. Try these two smokes out in tandem and enjoy your economy runs again.

A visual representation of how to throw the B Tunnel Exit Smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

CT Smokes

B Tunnel Smoke

A visual representation of how to throw the B Tunnel Smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

Seems like a waste to throw the smoke the Terrorists will most likely accidentally throw themselves, but better safe than sorry! If you’re expecting a hard B push, immediately throw this excellent smoke grenade and nullify it completely:

  1. Align yourself against, and aim directly at, the corner of the truck bed.
  2. Position your mouse crosshair between the first wooden pillar of the distant crane and the left-hand building.
  3. Throw the grenade, but jump while doing so.

The key difference between this smoke location and the previous one:

  • The previous smoke allowed the T’s to exit and never clouded their vision but provided them concealment.
  • This smoke forces the T’s to blindly run through the fog, exiting the tunnel completely visible and partially blind.

A small difference in placement with big results.

CT Long A Doors Smoke

A visual representation of how to throw the CT Long A Doors Smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

This smoke grenade will accomplish the same thing as the one before it and make the enemy exit a chokepoint blind. That’s the only thing it does– and the only thing it needs to do.

Here’s how to throw it:

  1. Line up with the top of the divider towards the back of Car.
  2. Be flat against the vehicle.
  3. Aim where the power lines intersect.
  4. Then move your mouse to the top left portion of the sun.

Way simpler than it sounds.

CT Spawn Smoke

A visual representation of how to throw the CT Spawn Smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

Remember reading the perfect smoke grenade hinders the enemies’ line of sight, but not your own?

This grenade placement essentially makes you invisible and does not degrade your own vision. If the enemy is pushing through Middle and you want to stop them then try this out.

They’ll have no idea what hit them:

  1. Jump up the white boxes in CT spawn, move to the corner against the wall.
  2. Hold right click to prepare a grenade lob, which gently tosses the equipment.
  3. Aim at the right edge of the number 4 and simply release.

They might even think it is safe to enter B-site.

Retake A-Site Smoke

A visual representation of how to throw the Retake A-Site Smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

To finish up, a lot of times you will push too far forward as a CT and find out the bomb was planted behind you. You then have to retake the bomb site, one of the best ways to retake A is by smoking off your own spawn:

  1. Aim at the third from the bottom X, on the left side, as shown above– right next to A long doors.
  2. Pull back your grenade then move your mouse to the top overhanging panel next to the steel wire on the ceiling.
  3. Move your mouse one inch up.
  4. Throw, but do not jump or move.

If you don’t want to get shot while crossing the gap to A site, then throw this grenade.

Retake B-Site Smoke

A visual representation of how to throw the Retake B-Site Smoke.
Image Source: Twinfinite

A great smoke to throw to block off the vision of the enemy camping bomb site, if you need to retake B you can move through tunnels and utilize a variety of the smokes shown. This one is specifically better for CT’s because many players will sit by the bomb once planted.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Line up with the first pillar to left, as if you enter the ruins through the Terrorist side.
  2. Look at the edge of the plank on the ceiling, as shown, and then move your crosshair up an inch
  3. Throw the grenade, but do not run or jump.

This is the final smoke grenade location that every player should know for the game’s most popular map: Dust 2.

This concludes our guide for the best smoke grenade spots on Dust 2 in CS:GO. Provided were five smokes for Terrorists and five smokes for Counter-Terrorists. Improving your tactical knowledge and making great use of your utilities will substantially increase your rank as a player.

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